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July 2010 Weddings

Do you know everyone?

Do you and your FI know everyone on your wedding guest?

FI's parent's have added a lot of their friends to the guest list and neither of us know them? Is that normal? Are there people on your list that you have never met?

I never thought that there would be people I have never met at my wedding but that is looking like my reality. I have to admit that I am kind of bummed about it.

Re: Do you know everyone?

  • most of the people on ours at least one of us knows. but i do have to say that i havent met 90% of the people on FIs list or at least if i have, its been in passing adn i dont remember them. i guess thats what you get when you're inviting 215 people...yikes.

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  • i know everyone on my list.  Fi has a bad memory and can't remember the people his mom said she is inviting.
  • I know all of their names.. Does that count?

    I don't know them on a personal level, because shes inviting about a handful of her coworkers. Other than that, apparently we're getting some extra guests that we found out about on Sunday.
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  • there are probably about 5 people that I won't know that are on the list. They are family that has never come to a reunion, etc that FMIL wants to invite.  I can definitely handle 5.  
  • Nope. FI's parents have some of their friends and coworkers on the list, and some of them FI doesn't even know since he hasn't lived at home for any measureable length of time since 2003-ish. I think I know everyone on my parents' list though.

  • There is one person on our list that I have never met, but FI has (his step-dad's sister).  We are paying for it ourselves, with ZERO help from family, so we basically said "too bad" to his mom who wanted to put work friends on this list.  My mom and dad are very hands-off since we are paying, and FI's dad (his parents are divorced) are the same way.
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  • FI & I are footing the bill so we're not asking parents for lists.  We're inviting only family and friends that we have a close relationship with.  His rule for himself is, "If I haven't spoken to you in the last 6 months, you're not invited."  We're going for a really intimate feel and don't want strangers there.
  • We know everyone on our list. There are some of my family members that FI hasn't met yet, but that doesn't count. We're also implementing the "if i haven't spoken to you in ages, you're not invited" rule. I already know this is going to be an issue for one particular person. I'm inviting my old roommate (P)...we were really close for a while and have recently become a little more distant but I don't think I could NOT invite her to the wedding. However, she currently lives with another friend(J)...someone who I used to be really close with as well. The 3 of us used to hang out all the time. Well, I haven't spoken to J in OVER a year....so she's not getting invited. I can already see her getting mad that she's not getting an invite but P is...
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  • I don't know everyone, but I do have an idea of how people are connected... some how our list ballooned to 236 this week (17 additions)... I am very interested in knowing when that ends!!!

    I've gone to several weddings (as a date) where I know NO ONE but my date... and surely the bride had no idea who I was.... so I figure its my turn!!!
  • We know everyone on our list except for who the "and guest"s will be, and there aren't very many of those. I've never met a few people on his side, but I know who they are. 
  • I know just about eveyone on the list.  There are a few people my FFIL insisted on inviting that I don't know, but FI knows.  This was one area that I wasn't really willing to bugde on.  We are inviting 140 ppl and FI and I made it very clear that we only wanted people that were close to us to be there.  Overall I am pretty happy with how it all turned out since I do know the vast majority of the people on the guest list.
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  • No, I dont, and I think that's pretty common.  I think I've MET all of my dad's coworkers that are invited, but not their spouces.  And obviously any dates might be total strangers...
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