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forgot to put time on reception card

Having a ceremony in S.D and reception in Las Vegas two weeks later, should I hand write a note with the time of reception? or just wait for the phone calls. I am not putting a map either...should I?

Re: forgot to put time on reception card

  • Are you not having ANYTHING after the ceremony in SD?

    You'll need the time of the reception in Vegas.  I'd definitely include a map too.
  • You could print out a little card to insert in there rather than handwriting it.  I hope you don't mean that this is the only reception.
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  • Yes!! we are having something after ceremony. I'm stil up in the air about maps, because they are not unknown venues, Hotel Del Coronado and Las vegas Hilton... Thanks for the replies ladies;)

  • I would definitely add a card of some sort indicating the reception time. You know how the old game of 'Telepone' works... reception begins @ 5:00pm becomes guests arrive at 5:15pm, then 5:30pm, etc.

    Especially if its a destination reception, don't leave anything up for questioning!
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  • You need to include the time. 

    Are people invited to the reception after the ceremony too?  Did you include that information?  I expect you're going to have a lot of confused guests.
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