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April 2012 Weddings

Crunching numbers

Has anyone sat down yet and started crunching the numbers? We are paying for the majority of the wedding, about 95%. I did a budget that included the wedding and the honeymoon. Then what we would have to save per month to meet that goal; brutal.  I know there are certain things you can't account for yet. The numbers I have put together are worse case-- but eloping looks awesome right now!

Re: Crunching numbers

  • We have an estimate of what we want to spend and how much we feel comfortable spending.  FI will be paying for 70% and I'll be paying for 30% (approx) since I wont have a fulltime job  'til I'm done with school next year so for the time being I cannot contribute much to our wedding funds. 

    We know that we may be going over the set budget since as you said there are certain things that we may have forgotten to include....ayee such a headache!  I can't believe how much money we are going to be spending in one day!!! But it will be all worth it ;]
    ~~* Jen *~~
  • We set a budget for the wedding and honeymoon on this side of the Atlantic (I will have another reception in Italy 5 months after the wedding date, but my family is paying for most of it) and we plan to get it paid in full at least 12 to 9 months before the wedding date. So, if something else comes up, we will have room and time enough to put up with it, but we don't want to spend much more than we've already planned for!
  • We've crunched some numbers, too. It's insane to think about how much 1 day is going to cost! But we've also got a savings plan in place and I know it will work out.
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  • I've restructured our savings plan so we will meet our goals while still paying off debt.  It's just a lot sometimes.  I'm thinking of moving the honeymoon to a year after the wedding.  We want to go to England and Ireland. See some family, explore, and watch amazing soccer; more time to save and more vacation time available. 

  • I am in the same boat! This is my 2nd wedding and I can say my first left a lot to be desired!  But MAN the prices for a "real" wedding are crazy. 
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