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Bridal Shower HELP!

I am getting married September 22nd 2012.  My close friends and bridesmaids are thowing my bridal shower.  The problem is that my sister is getting married and her fiance is in the air force so she will be moving to idaho. (we are in WI) she is my maid of honor and really wants to be there. Is six months ahead to early for a shower even with certain circumstances.  

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    Yes, it's too early.

  • I agree, it's too early. 

    Reason being: If you hold the shower six months before the wedding, you're holding it long before invitations are sent out, and possibly even before you've finalized your guest list. There is a lot of room for problems to arise in 6 months. 

    Is there any way your sister can find a free weekend and travel back for a shower closer to your date?
  • It's too early. Two of my BMs couldn't attend my shower because of travel reasons. Sure, it was too bad they couldn't be there, but that's life. You can still send her an invitation in case things change and she is able to make it after all.
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  • I am in the military as well and my shower was in august 2011 and i'm getting married on june 2nd 2012. The reason we had it so early was, not only cause of my crazy work schelude and only being able to come home once a year, but also my grandmother flys south for the winter, and my close aunt lives in the virgin islands, so the only time that they were available was then. I say it really doesn't matter how far in advance you have it so long as the people that you love and care about most get to share the special moment with you. 
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