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Amount of hors d'ouevres for cocktail hour?

We will be having a cocktail hour after our ceremony between 6-7pm.  There will be an open bar and we want to have hot and cold hors d'ouevres.  How many pieces per person do you think we need?  Our venue suggested 10-15 which seemed a really high to me (and more like they were trying to up their sales rather than be helpful to us).

After the cocktail hour we will be doing a couple dances (father/daughter, etc.) and then will have a full dinner which should start around 7:30ish.  With than many apps we are afraid people might be too full.

Re: Amount of hors d'ouevres for cocktail hour?

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    I seem to recall reading you should have 2-3 pieces per person with 5-6 different kinds available.
  • unplainjaneunplainjane member
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    10-15 pieces seem like a lot. unless your caterer has really small servings that is too much if you are serving dinner after. my venue recommends 5 pieces but we are thinking about 3. since we'll be serving a 4 course meal after.
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    I'd probably say 2-5 pieces per person, and 3-6 options, as long as there's a full meal afterwards.  I think we're aiming for 3 types of passed hors d'ouevres and a couple displays (cheese and antipasto display).  Make sure there's some variety (at least one vegetarian appetizer) so that everyone can eat something.
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    I've heard 2-3 or 5-6 bites per person...we're doing 5 types of apps with 1 of each kind per person, plus cheese/crackers/crudites.  10-15 would only be necessary if you were making a meal out of the apps!
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    Thanks everyone!  I remember hearing you should have around 5 bites per person, but could remember where.  That definately seems more reasonable if we are doing a full dinner after than 10-15.  I think the woman at our venue was just trying to sell more food which is kind of annoying.
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    I guess my family and friends just eat a ton!

    One of the things that it does depend on is the size of your appetizers. If we're talking a single shrimp size... well, people are going to need more than 4 or 5 of those, right?

    We had 5 different passed appetizers with enough for 2 of each per person. It was just perfect.
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    I have always read/been told that when you are having dinner, 4-6 pieces per person are appropriate for a cocktail hour. 12-15 pieces per person is usually for when you are only serving appetizers.
  • dees14dees14 member
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    I went to a really nice wedding with butlered hors d'ourvres and we probably ate almost 10 each because there were almost 10 options. Plus, they served alcohol before dinner, which made us want munchies. :) I would guess 5-8 appetizers per person.
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