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Video up there.. driving me nuts!

Does anyone know if there is a way to get rid of the annoying knot TV video on the top of the screen FOR GOOD?! It's driving me bonkers!
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Re: Video up there.. driving me nuts!

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    Check out the MSP FAQs... you have a few options

    If you look at the URL, there's a "="; delete everything before and including that =.  Or, just right-click and 'open in new tab' the MSP link.  Then bookmark that one instead!
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    Ahhh, peace and quiet... I've been wondering the exact same thing for awhile :)  Thanks, Steph!!

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    Yes that drives me nuts too! Thanks for sharing how to delete that.  I sometimes like to listen to music while I'm on my computer and I hate getting interrupted with a fashion show or tips. haha
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    Also, the way I usually take to the msg boards is through this link.


    Using the links on the left from that page brings everything up w/out the annoying videos.
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