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Trash the Dress or Rock the Frock Sessions....

Has anyone does this?
What goes into it?  
What are some ideas?

Thank you for your input. We have a day after session, but have no idea what to do. 

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Re: Trash the Dress or Rock the Frock Sessions....

  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    It's totally up to you.  It's really popular right now.  In a day after session, it's usually the bride and groom dressed in their wedding attire and you take photos wherever you want--your venue or other cool places like a park, lake, garden, downtown, wherever.  You don't have to worry about your clothes getting dirty or looking wedding day perfect but can instead just relax and have fun.

    Rock/Trash the Dress is similar but it's usually just the bride (not always though) and you can trash the dress if you want--some brides just want to have photos taken in a park, etc.--it's their chance to have photos taken some place they wouldn't have wanted to be in their dress before the wedding but it doesn't matter now that the wedding is over.  But you can also take it further--pictures in water, mud, paint, etc.  I've seen all of this done.  How far you want to take it is up to you.  I've also seen grooms/husbands in TTD.

    ETA:  Here is a recent day-after photo session by my wedding photographer:
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    Here`s an image that we took in september .
    Just as an idea ...

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    My DH and I did ours on our first anniversary.  We searched out a unique location, an abandoned iron mill in ruins, which gave us a great background for our shots. ITA with stephiehall, you can make it as unique and interesting as you are personally!! Best of luck and have fun with it!

    Here are a few of my shots - more in my BIO under RTD

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  • MrsGlamorousMrsGlamorous member
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    my husband and i did our on the beach and i got in the ocean with my dress on, had a blast and the photos turned out beautiful! highly reccomend doing TTD photos.
  • MsAmanda923MsAmanda923 member
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    hmm... I think that I need to look into this :)
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    I totally recommend it!  My husband and I did it the day after out wedding at a beach along Lake Michigan.  We got in the water and my dress got soaked.  The photos are great conversation peices and we used one as our thank you card.   It didn't ruin my dress at all, I actually wore it again for a thing we did for the dance studio that gave us our lessons.  I found the session very relaxing too - fun end to the wedding weekend!

    Our photos are in the featured gallery at: www.photobysuebrown.com

  • kmd0501kmd0501 member
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    This is something I definetely want to do as well.  My FI and I are real big into surf fishing so the summer after our wedding I want to go fishing at the jersey shore and have some pics taken.  I also want to include our dog, and since shes a jumper, i dont think she would behave during pics the day of the wedding.  I've also seen people go paintballing...which is something ive considered too.  But instead of paintballs, use paint-filled balloons.  I really enjoy painting as well so i may find a way to incorporate both.  I think this is a great idea and cant wait for my wedding to get here so I can do them.  Just think of activities you enjoy doing together and go do them, just in your wedding dress!  A friend of mine had their pics done when they went grocery shopping, just because they really enjoyed their sunday shopping trips together...they came out soo cute!

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