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Travel Agents?

I need to find a GOOD travel agent in Rochester or somewhere close by...I havent had any luck with a couple that I have tried, they just blow me off.

Any suggestions??

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Re: Travel Agents?

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    i used AAA.  i was happy with them, they didn't get me things any cheaper than the internet, but our agent was super helpful

    (it was in b-lo, but obviously AAA is everywhere...)
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    Thank you, i will give them a call!

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    I have been trying to find a travel agent for weeks in the Buffalo area with no luck.  No one seems capable of or interested in planning anything other than a Caribbean cruise or a trip to Vegas, it's really frustrating!  If you find someone, let me know.  I'm thinking of exploring "virtual" travel agents through the internet, which may be an option for you. 
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    We used Liberty Travel in Amherst. They quoted us exactly what we were able to find online, but they were able to put in requests, such as wanting the highest water-view balcony and that we were on our honeymoon.
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    We have an appointment with a Liberty Travel agent next weekend. I've heard good things about them - not that they can necessarily get you discounts, but being able to get added perks and being really knowledgeable and helpful.
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    Where are you guys trying to go?  I do a lot of my travel planning online (it's kind of a hobby) so I might know some good online sites to point you to :)
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    We actually used an agent that was located where we were going (New Zealand).  They are experts on the area and and booked us wonderful accommodations and planned some great activities for us.  I totally recommend finding an agency online that is located at your destination and specializes in bookings locally.  Just search around a little to make sure they are reparable.  
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