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Newbie-Where do I start?

Hey ladies! I got engaged over the weekend (yah!) and promised the DH that I would wait at least 24 hours before thinking about wedding planning. Well, we're at hour 27ish, so here I am. :)

I've played around here on The Knot before, but now that I really need info, I don't know where to begin. What do you suggest? Are there other sites, blogs, books, magazines, etc. that I should check out?

Thank you!!

Re: Newbie-Where do I start?

  • varsity714varsity714 member
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    Congrats, and make sure to enjoy your engagement!

    a site I found if your just dreaming and looking for ideas, ww.weddinggawker.com. It takes photos from other wedding blogs and puts them all on one site for you to look at.

    First on your list: setting a date and looking at wedding venues. If you are looking at getting married next year during the summer months (June - September) I suggest booking soon. I knew I wanted to get married in September of next year, and once I started to call places in February, they said they were starting to book that month up!! I didn't want to think wedding for 6 months after my engagement. Oh well.
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    Start with a guest list because that determines EVERYTHING!!  Then pick out reception sites and photographers because those were the places that booked up first for me!  I also like the website www.projectwedding.com because I found their timeline for things most accurate.  Congratulations too :)
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    I think BUDGET is the first thing to nail down.  I think the second thing to figure out is who's paying what and the date.  Knowing the budget will determine EVERYTHING (including the guest list).  It's seriously the most important thing.  You don't want to book a $2,000 venue if your budget will be $10,000. 

    Then I think venue is important.  We did the budget and date at the same time (since it's winter we are getting away with a smaller budget), then venue, then photographer, then DJ. 

    I like project wedding and the knot for check lists and budgets.  I use Weddingbee to get ideas for DIY projects.  That website is awesome and the brides are SUPER helpful....this isn't always the case on other websites.

    Lastly, I know in Madison there is a bridal show coming up.  I think in Milwaukee too.  You should go to it and check it out!

    Good luck!
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  • mmskaricmmskaric member
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    Thank you ladies! I can't wait to get out there and play, but you bring up some good points... Can't get that far without a guest list or budget. First order of business. Eek. And I'm overwhelmed already. I'm a meeting planner by profession. Guess this is a whole different game when its my own party to plan.
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    The other ladies bring up very good ideas and suggestions.

    Make sure you really take the time to enjoy your engagement, especially at the beginning because once it gets closer to the wedding that time goes out the window.  Have fun, talk to your girlfirends, your mom, etc. be excited, look through magazines, start an idea binder, but don't get too serious right this instant.

    Once you feel like you can really sit down and start seriously thinking about the details, start thinking about a budget and a guest list.  Once you get those two in the works start looking at your ceremony and reception sites as in this neck of the woods some need to be booked 1 - 1.5 years in advance.

    GL, have fun, and congrats!

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    Sit down and honestly agree on what three things are the most important to you as the vision for your day.  Not in order, three things as in a triangle of equal importance. 

    Example? (Paying entirely on our own, so we needed a starting point to build a budget) Food, Venue, Entertainment. 
    Well, to have food, need a great place with food, or a place that needs catering, and need a place that allows a band. Checked a few venues, found an amazing place. To afford it, we booked off season...therefore a date was chosen. We then had a starting point to build the budget. As well as knowing a smaller guest list to accomadate these things.  IF inviting every one you know is part of your "triangle of dream wedding", then you can adjust somewhere else. 

    So... be honest with yourselves about what you absolutely want to make happen and then you can start, somewhere.  Adjust as you go. Be sure to also make compromises, hence why you need to know what is most important to you.  

    Like all the knotties tell you, enjoy every minute of your engagement and planning. OH... and use the knot and the boards for talking about all the details.  Your friends who don't want to hear it all will thank you after. Wink

    Congratulations.  L. J. 

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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_wisconsin_newbie-start?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:118Discussion:b8cd2cf4-50c0-4ac9-b03a-14b49580879fPost:d929c3ad-207b-4b64-96e9-9c1a13d5e714">Re: Newbie-Where do I start?</a>:
    [QUOTE]OH... and use the knot and the boards for talking about all the details.  Your friends who don't want to hear it all will thank you after.  Posted by vchuchman[/QUOTE]

    I Love this LOL because it's so true!  Except it's not my friends who don't want to talk, it's my FI.  He's not into the whole "lets throw around ideas and come up with cool stuff" he's more "come up with an idea and I'll tell you what I think" so having my club board has been a lifesaver for wedding talk!
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