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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Photography tragedy??!!!!

  Hello!!!! Juest received my wedding pictures and realized that I have no pictures with my friends!!!! All of the guests that my sisters invited are photographed millions of times, but I could see non of my friends. I remember at the wedding I danced with everybody and I thought it was obvious that pictures were going to be taken with the people I was dancing with. Apperently I had to tell the photographer  which were my friends and that I wanted to take posed pictures with them.
Im kinda disappointed, and not sure if I should be concerned about it or let it go and just ask my friends for the pictures they took. What do you think?

Re: Photography tragedy??!!!!

  • First of all, breathe....this is not a tragedy.  I think the photographer does the best to capture a variety of candid photo shots, but they can't be everywhere at once so they are bound to miss some opportunities.  It doesn't hurt to compile photos from guests at the wedding -- but at the end of the day, I think you're just going to have to let it go.
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  • Ask your friends for the pictures they took. 
  • I agree with pp.  Don't overreact.  Did you tell your photographer that you wanted candid shots?  Did they take any at all?

    Just ask your guests for their pictures and call it a day.  They probably have the better candids anyways.
  • Ditto PP, just ask people for the pics they took. Honestly, if you freak out about this, it doesn't really change anything-you won't get to magically travel back in time and get to re-do the wedding to get the shots you want.

    I speak from experience. Our photographer took about 100 photos at our reception (We also had photos of the ceremony and formals taken). Our Best Man's ex-FI is in the center of about 70 of them, meanwhile there's not a single photo of either of our parents or siblings in the mix (We do have them in the formals, though) and only 2 or 3 pics of our friends.

    DH and I absolutely hated this chick, we secretly hoped she'd have the flu or something the day of the wedding and couldn't attend (We only invited her because at the time she was engaged to the Best Man) and the fact that they broke up 4 months after the wedding (Just 2/3 weeks after we got the photos back) just p!ssed me off even more.

    I spent almost an entire month being very upset about the whole thing ... but being angry about it didn't get me a do-over on the wedding where I could give clear instructions to the photographer (I also figured the guy would think to follow DH & I around most of the night for the candids). The pictures are what they are, we can't change them now, so we just did our best to only use the ones she wasn't in for the album and asked people if they had any good pics from the day. It turns out that quite a few of our friends and family members had a ton of really good candid shots.

    Being upset isn't going to accomplish anything here. Try to focus on the pictures that you like and remember what an awesome time you had that day-the pictures do not change how happy you were that day, and they have no bearing on whether or not your marriage will be a good one-and that's what really matters.

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  • We had over 2000 pictures taken by our photographer, and of our 155 guests there are many that are not in any photo's. I was majorly bummed, so I set up a snapfish account and asked many of my friends and family to upload their pictures onto my account. I am going to have an album made using all of these pictues. I can tell the photographer forgot who my grandfather was because there are many pictures of this older guy, who is just a family friend. Too funny.
  • That does really suck. Keep in mind, however, the photographer can only assume that everyone is important if you invited them.
  • As PP stated, this really is not a tragedy.  The first time I was married was 25 years ago (I got divorced 18 years later, and remarried a couple of years ago).  Take my word for it: when I look back at the pictures from my first wedding, I can't even NAME half the friends that were in them.  It's not that big of a deal.  It's the bride and groom that are important, and years from now, you'll feel the same way.  You may even wish that there were more pictures of the actual ceremony and less of the reception.  That's how I decided what was important for my second wedding.  
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  • when it's all said and done...you're just going to have to let it go.

    personally, i know that it sucks....my photographer only got 2 pictures of my parents together but none of me with them. Cry

    i just ended up asking everyone else for their pic's
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