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Wedding Contract Legal Advice

This may be long. Sorry in advance.

We rented chairs for our wedding through the venue recomended vendor. We signed a contract with the chair rental place directly and paid them in full. Upon return from our honeymoon we received a bill for the cloth bags they deliver the chairs in. Apparently they were not returned by the venue to the chair rental company. We contacted our venue who said they would handle it. A month goes by and we get another bill from the chair rental place for the cost of these chair bags ($800). We contact our venue again and they tell us their linen company threw the bags away or took them or something so the venue is trying to get THEM (the linen company) to pay for it. We ask the venue to contact the chair rental place and get our name removed from the invoice and ask them to send us something in writing which says we are not responsible for the charges. The venue did not get our name removed, but DID send us something in writing that says we are not responsible for the charges.

Today (2 months after the wedding) the chair rental place called us and sent us an email) saying they want their chair bags returned or their money by Monday. 

We contacted the venue AGAIN, were told again it's not our responsibility and that they tried to get our name off the invoice, but the chair rental place won't do it and that they think the linen company is responsible for the charges and are trying to get them to pay for it.

H and I are tired of being on the hook for this and mediating between the linen company we had NOTHING to do with, our venue and our chair rental place. I'm worried that if we seek legal action we'd lose because technically it's OUR name on the contract we signed and I"m not sure how legal binding an email from our venue that states that we are not responsible for the charges is.

Any ideas on what to do here or if we would even have a case?

Re: Wedding Contract Legal Advice

  • Have you tried forwarding a copy of the email to the chair rental company? Maybe if they see it in writing/email they will stop contacting you for the money and start contacting the venue for their $800.

    Sorry to hear you are having to fight about that, major PITA, I can imagine.
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  • Oh there is NO WAY we are paying for this. The chair company refuses to deal with the linen company and will only deal with us or the venue. My husband is just livid that there may be a potential mark on his credit if the company decides to send it to collections. 
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