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Wednesday Accountability

Morning. I am starting to really hate wednesday mornings!

B- oatmeal
S- special k bar, string cheese
L- healthy choice meal
S- veggie soup
D- idk yet. most likely a frozen meal

E- going to attempt a 20 minute jog tonight.

Re: Wednesday Accountability

  • good morning! happy hump day!
    B- 1 whole, 1 white egg, wheat toast, slice of cheese, coffee
    S- greek yogurt
    L- pb and j on light wheat
    D- baked fish and veggies

    going grocery shopping after work, not sure if I'll have a chance to workout plus I'm pretty sore from last nights kickboxing class....will probably take it easy today
  • Good morning everyone!

    B: coffee with almond milk, hm banana walnut flaxseed muffin
    L: hm veggie/lentil/bean soup, watermelon
    S: protein smoothie with almond milk, vanilla protein powder, banana, and spinach
    D: tofu shirataki "pasta" with hm pasta sauce and vegan meatballs, some sort of extra veggie
    S: have no idea yet, probably fruit

    E: P90X cardio and ab ripper
  • Morning all. Starting to get very frustrated with myself and my eating. Really need to start sticking to my plans but never seems to work (i.e. H craving pizza for dinner last night so didn't get to make my healthy meal). Blah, hopefully getting back on track...

    B - 2 multigrain waffles w/ 1 T natural PB and 1 t SF raspberry jelly
    S - banana
    L - mixed salad w/ 2 oz. grilled chicken, 1 oz. feta, 1/4 chickpeas and 1 T red pepper dressing
    S - celery w/ 1/3 LF veggie cream cheese
    D - spaghetti squash w/ marinara, peppers, onion & Boca crumbles, glass of 1% milk
    S - PB banana choc chip "soft serve" - freeze banana slices, put banana, chips and PB in blender/magic bullet, blend until soft serve texture

    E - 35 min walk at lunch, abs after work, 1 hr. zumba class later
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  • I'm really hoping that the fact that scale didn't budge today is just a result of my super awesome workout last night.  Yeah. 

    B: overnight oats w/ natural yogurt, skim milk, chocolate protein powder, almond butter and a banana, coffee w/ skim milk
    S: apple and cashews
    L: leftover chili
    S: baby carrots and almond butter (surprisingly tasty!)
    D: homemade butternut squash soup and some sort of protein, chicken?

    E: rest day!  stretching and foam rolling as needed. 
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • morning ladies .  Today I focusing on portion control and no snacking.

    B granola cereal with flaxseed
    L  chix lasagne
    S pear
    D salad
    S dried cherries & cashews

    E  one mile on treadmill and P90X kenpo X

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    B - cinnamon apple oats + coffee
    L - gonna have to get a salad from the cafeteria, I left my lunch at home :(
    S - 1/2 of a Luna bar, honeycrisp apple
    D - lean cuisine. (Please shoot me. Only 37 more days until I move out of my crappy apartment where I only have a freakin' microwave. I will never eat another lean cuisine or frozen meal as long as I live.)

    E - body pump, 30-45 min. walk
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  • Good morning ladies.
    I am having a hard time getting out of this sleepy stupor I'm in this morning.

    B- I brought oatmeal.. but so far I've only had coffee.
    S- baby carrots
    L- pb &j sandwich
    S- strawberry banana greek yogurt (new flavor for me!)
    D- don't know yet.

    E- skipping the walk today- its too effin humid to be doing that during lunch break today. 30 day shred after work.
  • Hi everyone! I haven't been doing the accountability stuff for a while, but I need to get back to it because I've been slipping a lot!

    B: shredded oats with milk
    S: 1/2 vegan ginger muffin
    L: lean cuisine (easiest thing to do at work), plum
    S: lemon yogurt, apple
    D: vegetable soup, plum

    E: Skipped my morning run today (it was pouring!). I'm not sure how I'm going to make it up yet. Walking to and from work = 45 minutes.
  • Good afternoon!

    b-life, coffee
    l-fiber plus bar, chobani, apple
    d- mexian resturant for little bro's bday.

    e- Wii fit w FI when we get home. Also doing "plank wars" with FI.

    We've been doing "plank wars" a few nights a week and it's great to see who can stay up the longest!
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    B- Egg + 2 Egg Whites + American Cheese and Turkey Sausage on Rye

    L- Lentil Soup with Red Pepper and Black Beans from the Organic Section
        Home made Pita Chips!!!!!!! Yummy.  I had 8 because that equals one pita.  I cut the pitas in 1/8th and brushed with EVOO and spices and baked.. with
        Tribe Jalapeno Hummas to dip into

    S- 2 steamed Wontons and about a cup of fried rice.. horrible on my part to pick at someone elses that they didn't want it.  They got their meal and it came with the soup and the rice and didn't want it.. luckily I didn't have much!!

    I should have stuck with my apple and orange.  Oh well.  I will go light on dinner tonight and have

    D- Spring Mix Salad with Shredded Carrots and Kidney Beans with Vinegrette

    Exercise - walking 2 miles and kickboxing and possibly a boot camp 15 minute video if I have time
  • b - trail mix
    post workout  - protein shake w/nonfat milk
    l - pb and banana half sandwich
    s - grapes & string cheese
    d - whole wheat pasta with cherry tomatoes and feta

    exercise: 20 minute HIIT turbofire workout, maybe a pilates DVD tonight
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