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opinions wanted- is going to europe "too much"?

Hey all- We want to do a honeymoon to either italy or greece that involves some relaxing but also some sightseeing.
For those of you who have done european honeymoons or been to europe recently- is it too "big" of a trip to really relax? If we want to mostly relax is it a waste of money to go all the way over there?

Thanks for the help!

Re: opinions wanted- is going to europe "too much"?

  • Originally, I really wanted to go to Europe for our honeymoon. FI and I are both huge history buffs and we have never been there- but my Mom talked me out of it. She said that if we went there we would be far too busy and tempted to do everything than just to enjoy the trip relaxing with each other. In my case, this would have been true- we probably would have run ourselves to the ground trying to get everything in. We decided to hit the caribbean and enjoy the beaches, and head to Europe another time. If you have been there before though and wouldn't feel pressured to always be sightseeing, it is a wonderful place to go!
  • I think it depends on how good you are at relaxing :) For example, I can sit still for about a minute and a half, and my FI is the same way, so a honeymoon filled with places to go and things to see is right up our alley, whereas we'd be bored stiff at a beach-y resort. We've decided to go to Europe, but rather than do the whirlwind "see as much as we can in 2 weeks" trip, we're going to stick pretty close to Paris, and try to make sure we get some downtime if we need it.

    I think Europe's a great idea as long as you don't try to cram too much in. Friends of mine honeymooned in Europe and went to something like 6 cities in 12 days, and they were disappointed because they spent more time packing and unpacking than they did sightseeing, and had absolutely no time to just chill and enjoy being newlyweds.
  • That's completely up to you, honestly.  You can do this without having it all sightseeing, or relaxing.  There's no "too big or too small" for a honeymoon-- it's what you want!
  • It totally depends on what you want out of your honeymoon.  I would rather die than be trapped on some all-inclusive resort for two weeks, and FI feels the same way, so we are going to be trekking and exploring on our honeymoon.  Plenty of people feel differently.

    If you're looking for a more relaxing part of Europe to go to, I would choose Greece over Italy.  Spend a day or two in Athens, then head for the islands.  Most of the sightseeing that happens in the islands is like, going into town for lunch and trying out a new beach.  Staying on the Greek mainland involves more of the heavy-duty historical sightseeing.  You could also take a Mediterranean cruise, and this would automatically limit your sightseeing.

    Most parts of Italy, except the coast (which isn't as nice as Greek beaches, generally), would likely be more active- museums, ruins, churches, etc.

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  • it will only be overwhelming if YOU make it that way. make sure to leave free time for relaxing and you'll be fine. but that's everywhere really.


  • I think you find a good balance in Greece or Italy. The beaches in Greece are beautiful yet you are still surrounded my amazing history. Perhaps you could go to Athens for a few days and then split the remainder of your time between Santorini and Mykonos? Or if you are interested in Italy spend a few days in Florence or Rome and then head to Capri or the Almalfi Coast area, where the beaches are also nice and the food is amazing.

  • It depends on what YOU feel comfortable with doing.  We actually were going to go to Ireland for our honeymoon but decided we would be running around too much and have to worry about figuring out where to eat and all that stuff.  So instead, we decided on an Alaskan cruise where certain days we'll definitely be sightseeing while in port, but on the days-at-sea we can just relax.  Plus, all of our meals will be included, so we won't have to worry about that either.  Perhaps you could do a Mediterranean cruise, so you could still go to Europe but also feel pampered at the same time.
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