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Should I be concerned?

Or maybe im greedy? FI and I registered at two places, the shower has come and gone and the wedding is now less than two weeks away and nothing has been "fulfilled" since right before the shower(may 1st). Mom keeps saying maybe everyone is giving us money/gift cards but we assumed some items would be purchased. We had so much fun registering and were looking forward to recieving some of what we picked. Anyone else having the same issue?
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Re: Should I be concerned?

  • We only had a few things purchased off of our registry (we didn't have a shower).  The majority of people gave a cash gift at the wedding.
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  • Most people gave cash, even though we had two registries.  Those who purchased gifts and had them mailed did so close to the date of the wedding.
  • i never give cash lol. When im not ordering online, i usualy get their gifts the day before.
  • I'm always terribly late to buy gifts and usually end up with only a few choices off what is left of the registry.  If you don't end up getting most of the gifts, just use the cash gifts to buy the items you really wanted.  You also might end up with gift cards to the stores where you registered.
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  • Agreed with all above.  Depending on your crowd, a lot of people might be giving cash or gift cards.  You still have almost 2 weeks though, and people tend to procrastinate, there could still be more things purchased.

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  • I think a lot of people will buy right before the gift.  
  • I usually buy off the registry and usually the week before if not the night before. I'm a terrible procrastinator. 
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  • I think you will mostly get cash, but you may see a few gifts purchased within days of the wedding as people realize they're running out of time.
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  • Stop registry stalking! Wink
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  • lol jazzybacc, i know! I know! I keep telling myself that but it doesnt work :-)
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  • If people aren't buying you presents, then odds are they're giving you cash.  You can use said cash to buy presents from your registry.  I wouldn't really worry about it. 
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