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March 2010 Weddings

IMPOSSIBLE to focus - leaving for our wedding in 6 days!!

I'm a March 13th bride who is doing her wedding in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sitting at my desk freezing it is almost impsosible to imagine. I'm getting loads of "if you need anything let me know" phone calls which is really nice and overwhelming. I just can't picture what it will be like when all of my friends from all over the place and of our families are finally together and interacting.  Does anyone else find it really hard to concentrate??

Re: IMPOSSIBLE to focus - leaving for our wedding in 6 days!!

  • I had someone come to me this morning and as she walked away I said - half joking half serious (cause it WAS work and all lol) "now keep the problems to yourself, i'm busy with seating charts!"
  • I'm in grad school...and the other day i was making to do lists in class and was caught!  my prof told me to turn the wedding off in my brain!
  • mg321mg321 member
    I'm also in grad school...tonight I took my last pre-wedding midterm, and as soon as I walked out of the room it was like a switch flipped in my brain. I am now TOTALLY in wedding mode (before there was still about 4% of my brain devoted to academia), and even though I still have to sit through a week of classes, I certainly won't be even remotely paying attention. I hope my instructors will forgive me!! NINE DAYS!!!!
  • Ok, good. Glad I'm not the only one. What's making it worse -is that's it's FRIDAY, it's snowing here, and in 5 days, I will be leaving for a tropical beach.  Different world.  Take me there now!
  • I've been unable to focus for a few days now. I have one more week in the office, and have a ton to get done, but am having a hard time with it....I just want to be out of here!!!
  • i've been unable to focus for weeks and weeks. LoL. All I do at work seems to be wedding plan... oops... sorry boss...
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