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buying your own booze.

For those of you who have already done this or who are planning to, where did you go to buy your booze, how much did you buy, & how many guests did you have? We were thinking of going to like Costco once we are in Vegas, but should we go somewhere closer to the strip? We are expecting 60 heavy drinkers (my family really likes to have a good time), and I don't want to run out!

Re: buying your own booze.

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    I am going to go to Sam's Club out here (Beer&Wine) and then get perishable stuff in Vegas.... But I am going to use this to figure out how much to buy...
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    There is Lee's liquor here in Vegas.  There is one on the south strip.  Its pretty Cheap stuff
    That's where I get all my booze for all my parties.

    I am pretty sure they have coupons all the time too.
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    Yes I was going to suggest Lees Liquor as well. Check them out and Costco or Sams we have both!!!  
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    We just used Lee's Discount Liquor. We bought a wide range of alcohol...cases of Busch Lite/Miller Lite, wines (not enough!!), Captain, Scotch, Vodka, Goldschlogger...We tried to get what guests wanted as a treat to them rather than just beer and wine. Oh and Champaign!
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    Thanks ladies! My dad thinking that we should just do beer, wine, and champagne, but I'm defintely getting a few bottles of booze (I'm not really a beer girl)!

    BTW I plugged in our numbers to alcohol calculator and it said a crazy number of wine, so I'm wondering if we can cut that number down.
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    We are going to buy our own alcohol too and we are trying to figure out where to get our alcohol from. To you Las Vegas locals, which store (Lee's, Sam's, or Costco) is closest to Treasure Island? And about how far away is it?
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    Lee's liquor is the closest.  Its on the strip.  about 4 miles south of Mandalay Bay

    If you guys want wine and really good cheap wine why not get the 2 buck chuck kind at trader joes?  Of the Big kahuna at fresh and easy?  Its very good wine at like 2.99 a bottle.
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