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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

It was the best day of my life!

I have heard it said a zillion times that your wedding day is the best day of your life next to having your children, and I now actually believe it.  The birth of my daughter is still #1 but 10-11-12 was a magical day that FLEW by in a heartbeat, but one that I will never forget.

The day started out crazy with me oversleeping, long after my beautiful bride had left for the salon!  I got things together, took my brother to get his tux and made it to the venue at 2:30pm.  However, thinking that our "first look" was going to be at 3pm, I thought I only had 1/2 hr to get ready and I was super rushed...we didn't actually do the first look until 4! 

Once I was stuffed into my HOT tux, I rushed around setting up placecards, decorations and tons of different things, all the while having to hide from my bride at any given moment if she left her room...good thing we had a lot of lookouts!

Once everything was settled, the venue organizer asked me if my cake was supposed to be blue, considering EVERYTHING else was purple....uhhh, NO!!!!!  I freaked out momentarily but then I realized that if the color of the cake was the worst thing to go wrong, I was doing ok.  Besides, I will get $ back on that   Oh and they screwed up the layer flavors too. 

Anyway, it is finally time for "groom" pictures and I had a blast...the delay of seeing my fiance actually made the anticipation better and I was beyond excited.

FINALLY...the photographer takes me to a beautiful place and tells me to wait for my bride to touch me on the shoulder.  Of course she takes time getting outside so I had a free moment to look at the BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT blue sky, the fall leaves, and the crisp air...to take it in and just RELAX and be calm.  Everything felt right in the world.

Then I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around to see an ANGEL standing there.  I burst into tears, she was so beautiful and I was just overcome with emotion.  I am so glad we did this "first look" since it was the most intimate moment of the entire evening and I was glad our photographer was the only witness.  There are still no words for how beautiful she looked, and I was in absolute AWE of her the entire night. 

We took our photos together and then invited other people in to take pics until it was time for the ceremony.  I had stopped crying and had been laughing...boy did I LAUGH a LOT on this day...and I was so excited to MARRY my bride!

At a little past 5pm "Pachebel's Canon in D" began, and after our Reverend and Groomsmen went down the aisle, My beautiful flowergirl niece Audrey led myself and my daughter (MOH) Ava down the aisle, where I hugged and kissed my baby...did I mention how BEAUTIFUL she looked?  All of the bridal party were STUNNING!!!  I hardly recognized my own sister!

After we got to the altar, I turned around to see my other beautiful niece Zoe and our Ringbearer Jaxen walking down the aisle.  Then there was my stepson and Best Man, walking his mother down the aisle and instead of tears, I felt as though my heart might explode with joy.  Thomas handed her to me and the ceremony began...

My brother Everett did wonderful on the readings and the sand ceremony was great...even though I spilled a little bit!  Naturally the best part were our vows and when the Reverand pronounced us LEGALLY MARRIED....such an incredible phrase to hear for a lesbian woman...one that I hope all gay couples can hear ring in their ears someday!  Our children signed the marriage license right then and there, and it was OFFICIAL!

"Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens began playing and I just stood there, overcome and just absorbing the moment.  Finally we started down the aisle and into the cocktail room. 

Of course more photos had to be taken and we missed the entire cocktail hour, something I regret, but I dont know how we could have done it differently...

At last it was time to be introduced and our party went it dancing to "Covergirl" by RuPaul...each of them hamming it up to the extreme!  For our introduction "Hail to the Cheif" was played...my sense of humor coming through...and then I got to dance with my Angel Bride to "We get to feel it all" by Indigo Girls.  I still could not believe how gorgeous she looked, that we were married, and just that we were in that moment....

We spent the rest of the evening trying our best to spend time with everyone, dance a little and do the customary rituals.  I feel like this all went by in a heartbeat...the venue was VERY quick to serve the wedding cake, literally right after dinner...and sadly, guests began to leave early...around 8:30-9pm.  Although it was a Thursday (since I wanted the 10-11-12 date!) so it was understandable.  And by the time we got out of there it was 10:30 and I could barely walk.  I was supposed to still be on crutches but I didn't use them at all and I paid for it!

We got lost on the way to our hotel and I remember that as soon as I got there I begged the manager for WATER...I dont think I've ever been so thirsty in my life! 

The following day we spent with my father's side of the family, all of whom had flown in from all over the country...what an honor to have them do that for our wedding! 

Lastly we went on our Honeymoon from Sat 10/13 to Sun 10/21, a cruise to the Carribean that was amazing....despite passing Hurricane Raphael and some super bumpy seas for 2 days!  We swam with dolphins and interacted with sea lions...we spotted "Dory" (from Nemo) fish all over with just our eyes...the water was so clear!  We took a ghetto taxi ride in Nassau, Bahamas and thought the end was near...only to end up in a Straw Market bargaining back and forth!  We both decided that Cruises are the ONLY way to vacation!!!  We had an absolute blast!!

This really was the best time of my life and I am sad it is over.  Today is the first day Jo and I haven't been together and it is weird.  But life goes on and we are looking forward to planning our next cruise with our children! 

***HAPPILY MARRIED 10-11-12*** Wedding Countdown Ticker

Re: It was the best day of my life!

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