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I am trying to figure out if I want a veil. My stepmom told me that she is worried that I am going to be way to hot with it being the middle of July in a wedding dress, with a slip. I am going to need a slip(idk if that is the right term) because my dress is flat without it, but she doesn't want me to be hot. What are you guys doing?

Have you guys been getting a lot of grief about having a wedding in July? I'm not that worried about it, because we are getting married around 630/7 at night. 
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Re: veils

  • I think you're talking about a crinolin rather than a slip. I've heard some people say they help keep you cooler since it keeps the material of your dress off your legs. I'm not having one - my dress doesn't need one and I don't like how they feel.

    I'm also not wearing a veil simply because I don't want to. It's not my style. I've known other people who've married in the summer to wear them though, and I really don't think it'll be too hot.

    I too am getting married in the evening, and although I'm sure it'll still be hot, the sun won't be beating down like it does in the early afternoon. No one has given me any grief about it though, and I think it's odd that anyone would.

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  • My dress does not need a slip, so I am not wearing one (fit and flare). I am wearing a veil for the ceremony. Not sure if I will keep it for the reception or not. But it was $20 on ebay...The only complaints (3-5 people, so minor) we get about July is the date itself, being on Friday 5th. But little do they know, that was the point of it all ;) I could see concerns about mid-day wedding, esp those outside from 3-6PM. But I'm a morning girl. 
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  • I'm not going to have a veil. I am going to have a fabric flower clip instead. I have a few people worried about the heat only because there is no ac at the church or the reception venue. Oh well.
  • I'm wearing a veil (this one - clicky) and am not worried about being hot. I can't imagine a little bit of netting is going to attract/hold that much heat.

    I'm also wearing a full crinoline. (here's a pic - clicky) I wore one very similar with my prom dress and it didn't make me feel any hotter than I would have normally. 

    Hope that helps!
  • Also. . . we haven't gotten any grief about having a July wedding, a friday wedding, or holiday weekend wedding. FH's sister complained, but she'd complain no matter what we did so I don't count her. 
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