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September 2011 Weddings

Does it feel real??

I know I'm engaged, have been since Dec 09. I see the ring on my finger yet it still doesn't seem like we're planning our wedding! My MOH & best friend had a rushed wedding Nov of 09 and to me it still seems like I'm working on hers. I just get more say on it. The whole time I was doing research and helping plan her wedding I was pulling things aside for "when it's time to plan my wedding this is what I'd like", and it still seems like I'm doing that. It's crazy. 

This weekend I'm going dress shopping and I think that's when it's really going to hit me. I still have moment where I look at my ring and think "Holy crap this is really happening!?!?"

FI is the same way. He knows we're planning our wedding but it just seems so far off and unreal. Anyone else feeling this way??

Re: Does it feel real??

  • all the time... its like Im in planning and organizing mode and I forget that this is for OUR wedding and spending the rest of my life with my FI! 
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  • all the time! I phone my mom at least once a week to talk about wedding stuff (she is doing al the looking for me since I am having my wedding in my home town, which is a 22 hr drive from where I currently live) and everytime I get off the phone with her I think wholey crap, Im planning MY wedding.. how did that happen? lol.
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  • Most of the time i feel like its sooo far away and im getting done so much major planning that i dont want to be left with nothing to do later on. But come september i think its going to fly by! We took our engagement photos on sunday so it really felt that we were getting married and doing someting for our wedding :) and our e-party is less than a month now so that helps to start thinking about that too
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  • its so crazy i cant believe it
  • I feel like that a lot too.  It's becoming less and less as we go to appointments to book vendors and after trying on dresses.  But I still have my moments where I stare at my ring and think "wow I'm engaged! And I get to marry my best friend!" I can't wait until it is one year out though.  I hope it flies, in a good way where I have time to plan stuff. :)
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  • Yeah I feel like that most of the time, like "wait, you mean all this planning is going to end in us actually being MARRIED??" CRAZY
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  • I feel that way sometimes too! I think its gonna hit me the second I see myself in a wedding gown. Knowing my emotional self...I'm gonna cry!
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  • I feel the same way you are! I don't think I will get to that feeling until i am actually married! I don't know why but when I start something big, I think of it as a huge project and I never get my feelings in the way until after everything happens..lol, I know this sounds ridiculous...it's like i put the numb feeling on.  Even this weekend, I am so blessed to have a great family and BMs and they were all there when i was trying on my dress and its like, I never got emotional, which seems really weird to me.
  • I feel that way a lot of the time! Especially since I am student teaching right now and don't have a lot of time to do wedding things.  I think once the the 1 year mark hits things will start to get a little crazy and it will feel more real!
  • All the time!  It felt real when I found my dress, but now I still have time where I think "wow!  I can't believe my dream is finally coming true!"
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  • It still hasn't sunk in yet...I don't think it will until 2011...when I know it's THAT September.
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  • Finding the dress was a big "Yes this is really happening" moment for me too, especially because my mom was in such awe from that realization. She hasn't been too involved with any of the planning thus far so it really hit her when we were dress shopping


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  • It's ish starting to be real. We have yet to book any vendors, but we have seen the place we want to rent and had dinner there. I already had my dress before I got engaged (bad I know) so that wasn't really a defining factor, plus I don't fit into it yet. I have started making things though, so as our apt becomes more covered in wedding related stuff it will become more real. Oh and when we start writing checks :)
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