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August 2012 Weddings

Newbie to the board.....

I just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. My name is Nicole and my FI name is Stephen. We just recently changed our date from 09/10/11 to 08/04/12. It was a hard thing to do at first because I was so in love with that date. LoL. Well as long as I am still able to marry my FI, a date is just a date, right? It seems so far away right now, but I know that it will be here in no time. I am looking forward to counting down going through the planning stages with everyone.

Re: Newbie to the board.....

  • Hey I am a newbie also. My date is also August 4th 2012. How much planning has everyone done? I am just recently engaged and really want to start planning but feel kind of like a bridezilla if I start already!
  • I only have my colors picked out and wedding party. My date is also August 4th! We plan on doing more after the holiday season is all over with! I do have places in mind for the ceramony site and reception hall. Just been too busy with it being the holiday season and working retail, no time to look at places. I'm afraid I would be a bridezilla also or people would tell me it's too soon, it's too soon, I have a notebook where I keep all the things I like in, so when it comes time I have it all together to look over, with phone numbers and prices!
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  • I felt like that too at first, like jumping into it was overkill. I kind of enjoyed being "just engaged" for about a month or so, to soak it all in, inform lal friends and family, let myself get some bridal magazines under my belt and checked out what I liked online at first.

    About 6 weeks or so after we got engaged I looked at my first venue.

    I dont know where you are planning the wedding- but some places that are in high demand will book fast.

    My wedding planner told me to be sure to book "must have, cant live without " vendors before Feb 2011 becuase SO manyt people will get engaged around Dec/Jan for Xmas new years, in front of family etc...and many bridal shows are in Februaury (at least aroiund here) and this is the first time any of those girls start going out to meet vendors and most book right away

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