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  • Wedding cakes are unnecessarily expensive so I bought a 3 level cake stand and we are getting Whole Foods to make us 3 separate 9" cakes.  The total cost is only going to be about $100 since it will just have plain white icing, scrolls, and a border…
  • Where in NC are you?  I am in Morrisville and it turned out to be a absolutely gorgeous day!  And have fun at your e-pics!  We are taking ours tomorrow.
  • I think it's perfect!
  • Most dresses you can also get expressed shipped too.  You can usually get dresses shipped within 8 weeks is absolutely necessary.  I think right now you are ok, but I wouldn't procrastinate too much longer or your alterations might be rushed.
  • I can't seem to talk my FI into taking a dancing class, but I wish he would!  I would say go for the groupon...that's a great deal!  And I am sure you will be glad you did it on your wedding day.
  • I think the color will be faded a little by then.  Red does fade pretty quick...I dye mine different colors all the time and red fades the quickest.  I wouldn't freak out and start stripping your hair or you might damage it and make it really dry.  …
  • OMG 8 months!!!!  So excited!
  • My hair and makeup is costing me a freaking whopping $250!  And that doesn't include a trial.  And all the other hair/makeup vendors that I emailed were about the same.  It's all a rip-off because they can get away with it
  • I was scared I was going to feel like that too, but after looking at my pictures of me in THE dress I was reassured that I made the right decision.  Just don't look at anymore online pictures or you might start to have second thoughts.  Its just our…
  • Honestly I love the idea!  I think the way you have it planned sounds perfect.  And it will make gorgeous pictures...some pictures with green flowers and yellow candles, and the other vice versa!
  • We have 3.5 hours in between because the reception is going to be at my parents house where we are self catering.  We have to allow about an hour for pictures, 40 minutes for driving, and someone has to pick up all the food and then bring it to the …
  • I looove that song...I'd say go for it!
  • We are sending ours sometime either this month or next because I feel like January will be too late.  Pretty much all of my guests still don't have a clue as to when our wedding is...or that we have even set a date.  So this way they will have plent…
  • Yeah thats what I was thinking too lol.  Her prices are really high but I am the kind of person who sticks with whats familiar hehe.
  • 1. What's your first name? Amber 2. What's your favorite movie? 28 Days Later 3. What's your favorite band/song? Emery, Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack...too many to name..I love anything screamo/metalcore 4. What's your favorite meal? Macaroni…
  • We ordered our tablecloths from that website and we got them only halfway down.  But we are having an outdoor semi-informal wedding.  I think it should be your preference.
  • I'm sorry to hear about that.  I am hoping that maybe they will come around when the time gets closer.
  • My FI is a car nut...but so am I so it totally works!  hehe
  • We don't really need a day of coordinator since our wedding is so small...but if we needed one than I would definitely use the certificate!  I am not sure how much you are getting off with the certificate, but $400 you would pay sounds worth it to m…
  • 1. Oh yes I definitely play video games my favorite console is definitely Xbox 360.  IMO the Wii is not a real gaming console.  I love the gory and shooting games 2. I started playing nintendo when I was a little girl, then moved to the playstatio…
  • We are getting married at the St. Mark's Chapel in downtown Raleigh on June 4, 2011.  Congrats!
  • We went with Vistaprint.  If you sign up for their newsletters you will get deals all the time!  And ours turned out great!
  • Actually, I feel guilty when I buy stuff that's not related to the wedding   Me and my FI are paying for a majority of everything, a little at a time, and I feel wrong when I buy something that's not for the wedding.
  • I totally understand the dilemma of how expensive alcohol is when you are paying for everything yourselves.  Is there anyway you can afford to have an open bar with just beer and wine?  That is much cheaper, and people are less likely to drink as mu…
  • I've never gotten someone 2 gifts for their wedding.  She doesn't know what she is talking about.  Only get what you can afford whether its a gift or a contribution to the honeymoon.
  • Are you talking about buying a dress that is made in China?  Or a real brand dress that is sold through a reliable internet website?  I actually thought about buying a dress made in China till I read many horror stories.  From what I have read, the …
  • Our song is going to be "Something" by the Beatles
  • I sent in my request for both also!  My name is Amber (duh) lol
  • I sent mine earlier this week and last night I got a message from my cousin saying he got it!  I was so excited!  Congrats on the check!
  • Is there anyone else on his side of the family that you could get these addresses from?  I actually ended up asking my FI's sister for a few of their families addresses because she is the more organized one.