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  • I guess my favorites are those that are unique because they are a little different... my husband and I were married on our farm, and rode our horses up to the ceremony site.  My father helped me off my horse and walked me down the aisle.    
  • I had an outdoor wedding in April, and stressing about the weather was definitely the main thing.  It wound up being beautiful, but if it had been horribly windy / stormy / downpours, I'm not sure the tents would have been enough.
  • I'd just make sure that your guests all know it will be in the backyard and to dress for the weather.  I specifically told our guests that I cared more about them being comfortable than fancy dress.
  • Any updates?  Did you find a place?  I'd think a lot of farm or park venues would allow it.  I'd worry a little more about having someone designated to bring and groom the horse, then take him back.  My husband and I were married on our farm and we …
  • I don't think it should be too hard.  Granted, I got married on my farm, and my dog has always been well behaved, so she just mingled among the guests.  
  • We are getting married on my farm in Maryland this Spring.  So far from what I can tell, the rentals are pretty darn expensive... I'm planning to get a tent, since it's quite possible it may rain in April, and that in itself is pretty pricey.  But I…
  • We did our wedding at home on our farm, partly because I had a small budget and wanted to be able to include more guests.  The biggest expense was probably the rentals... gotta have a tent in case of bad weather!  But food was excellent BBQ, and hav…
  • I miss the crafts and planning as well.  My next project will be the wedding album, with photos, cards, etc.  I think my husband was afraid I'd suffer depression from lack of a project, so he said he was going to encourage me to ride more and train …
  • Check the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission website www.mncppc.org .  You can reserve certain parks and rec centers through there.
  • I recently saw a long side braid and that was really pretty. You could put the crystal pins or flowers in the braid as well if you wanted.
    in Ideas Comment by AnnaB264 April 2011
  • First of all, the people that do this are normally professional pigeon handlers... the birds are homing pigeons... they are transported to the site, released at the appropriate time, and fly home to their coop.  So first of all, they get to stretch …