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  • My hair stylist/makeup artist is a good friend of my sister and I sent her her own wedding invite. She is just plannning on being there two hours early to get me all ready. I wouldn't worry about it.
  • Maybe if their budgets are lower consider paying for part of the dress if you are really set on that one. My BMs dresses were $170, which I don't feel is excessive, but I know they couldn't all afford that easily even though they all agreed to it, s…
  • In Response to Photography: [QUOTE]I am on a small budget and am looking for photography suggestions. A co-worker suggested that there might be some local schools with students who need to build portfolios. Does anyone have any photography suggesti…
  • Thanks so much! Unfortunately thats a bit bigger then I was hoping to have. I appreciate your help though!
  • I just did a google search for some ideas, I knew I kind of liked half up half down and my hair is somewhat curly, so I searched that. Also if you are on pinterest you should look around there too. I am not but my friend is doing my hair and she put…
  • Thank you for this! My nails look nice when they grow out, but I work as a zookeeper and between all the physical labor, hosing stuff out, and chemicals I go through my nails have taken a serious beating. I am definitely going to try this out and ho…
  • The reason was mainly budget/space, everyone bringing kids would have been too much. But also worried about rowdiness and disruptions. Now I know the nine month old won't eb eating or take up much space, but I am worried about disruptions and how ot…
  • I am also interested in the We Do letters, if they are still available, how big are they? Do they stand up on their own? How much to ship to 02301, could you fit them in a flat rate box?
  • Thank you guys for your input! I think I am going to shop around a bit and then decide.
  • I will say I have never heard the bridesmaid is only responsible for the dress, and I feel it is a bit extreme of your bridesmaid to freak out about shoes when you just mentioned it. If it was a medical issue or even if she thought it would be hard …