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  • In Response to Re: New:): [QUOTE]In Response to Re: New:) : You are wise like Yoda. Posted by mehgank[/QUOTE] Mehgan, how come you haven't been around here more? I used to see you on E and/or SB when I was active on those boards and liked …
    in New:) Comment by BinxRose January 2012
  • Personally, I'm using the piano versions of some of my favorite songs (e.g. for the prelude for the BMs and myself, piano cover of Brandi Carlile's "The Story" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FXNlpIZxlg ...fast forward to 0:20 to start)
  • Haa Sami! I would probably do the same thing, just instinct I guess! I think my final straw was 8th grade when a corpse character in a crypt scene sorta fell forward on me, I freaked out!! Never again! Amanda- I don't have mice, but I think I just …
  • Oh Hike I'm sorry! That was incredibly rude and ignorant of those staff members. And I'm sorry about your student. When my internship was over at an alternative high school, I wanted to take every student with me to have a loving home with good role…
  • Good morning! My FI got home from his det. yesterday yay! We went out for dinner and just hung out. Today we're going to hit up the commissary and look through our clothes to see if we can come up with any costumes. Tonight I have an inteview for a …
  • Reisling? It could also depend on the brand too. Maybe try a different brand of Moscato?
  • Morning Sami! Good luck on your test! I wish I could run, but bad knees run in my family. So if I ever wan to do cardio, I have to do elipticals. And I don't have a membership anywhere...so basically I am not in shape heart-wise! FI and I just got …
  • At this point, the wedding and the MOH situation would not be my biggest concern. I would work on mending your relationship, and continuing to get help for your daughter. And kicking her out will only bring more resentment.
  • I'm netting about 1200, not only consuming 1200. FTL- I love oatmeal but I can't eat it, as I have gout and it is a trigger food. Yogurt is yummy, but it definately will not fill me up. I'm the type of person that wakes up hungry. I eat a bigger br…
  • I'm sorry! I can't say I know what it's like to be in your position, but I can appreciate how you feel. One of the wives here wasn't trying with either of her babies (both "surprises," if you will. They decided to get married after discovering the s…
  • They turned out really nice! And I love your Rottie! Also, you are very pretty! FI and I did ours in the dead of winter while home in WI for the holidays. It was in the 20s for us haha!
  • Hi and welcome! My FI is in the Navy. Does your FI want the Navy incorporated into the wedding? Especially because he is now civilian? I know my FI absolutely does not want to wear his uniform, or really want our wedding to have anything to do wit…
  • In Response to Re: Someone tell me I'm not nuts: [QUOTE]I would probably write back something like "Oh that stinks, I saw your status saying you were 17 weeks along so I figured you were due around August."   Or you can be a smartass which I usuall…
  • The only time Binxy did that was when we had to remove the side barrier thing which keeps them from flinging litter when burying (he couldn't get in it with his surgery cone on his head). So he kept missing and backing his booty too far. So honestly…
  • There's a thearte here that only charges $4 per ticket, even nights. It's awesome.
  • I know my FI and his buddies complain about not having enough pockets/spaces to put their things. So I'm sewing on a backing to his curtain which will have pockets. It will also have clear slots for pictures, as well as things that remind him of hom…
  • Damn it, I can't see the post
  • Thanks rachel and chick
  • Oh god Amanda, i laughed so hard! Except the troll was super creepy IMO and I am probably going to have nightmares.
  • In Response to Re: Wine Suggestions...: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Wine Suggestions... : Best friends!!!! Their sauv blanc is one of my favs too! Posted by Irishcurls[/QUOTE] :-) I will have to try their sauv blanc!
  • You could add an option to the poll "waiting for marriage" cuz I think some women on here are.
  • In Response to Re: Regiftings wrong but....: [QUOTE]If you post your bank routing and account numbers here, I'd be happy to help you guys out.  I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Posted by J&K10910[/QUOTE] ha!!
  • Even with all of the TK mess ups with IT, it's never caused a problem for my website. I still recommend it. ETA: I blocked off rooms at a hotel about 5.5 months before the wedding. Better to book too early than too late!
  • Booo to incompetent people, but YAYYYYYY for hearing baby's heartbeat! That must've been so amazing!
  • Aww you're welcome!! Had to send you a little "congrats" gift!
  • haha Hike! I also give you a thumbs up! I confess that I'm a little irritated w/ my FI. He let his tags expire, so we got pulled over on our way to the commissary this weekend. Then when he looked into why he never received his new tags in the mail,…
  • I'm not one to take meds much, so when I get a headache, I pinch/squeeze the tendon between my pointer finger and thumb (in the "web" of your hand in between, if that makes sense). Its supposed to be a pressure point in reflexology that is connected…
    in Team baby Comment by BinxRose March 2012
  • I think there is no such thing. The day you marry each other IS your wedding. If you get married with a JOP first, then try to have a "big wedding" later, that is called a vow renewal (VR). If you do choose this option, make sure it's for the right …
  • Yup. Ate them right up! I am so sick of TK and their lack of IT dept.!!
    in Uhh Comment by BinxRose February 2012