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  • Thanks so much!!! I can't wait!!! I'm so nervous/happy/excited. I truly can't wait to marry my best firend!!
  • Thank you!!!
  • Hooray!!
  • I'm a November 28th bride to be, too, and I have a pretty sick the past few days. I'm just glad I caught it now rather than a few days before the wedding. 18 days is plenty of time for your fiance's finger to heal. You guys will have a great time on…
  • That is going to be our 1st dance song. Go for it if you guys love it... We are!!
  • We started dating November 23rd, 2005. We were engaged November 21st, 2008. Our 1st choice for our wedding date was November 21st since it would be a year since we were engaged, but the church where we're getting married has an event going on, so we…
  • June 3rd... I'm 27. FI just turned 29 on October 13th.
  • I just got a kitten, too. She bites REALLY hard. I usually just put her on the floor after she does it and ignore her. It seems to work, but sometimes it doesn't phase her at all... I think its just her age. She had been playing hard with her brothe…
  • 11/28. It's going to be here SO fast!! I can't wait!
  • We're having owls. The groom is wearing a little top hat and the bride is wearing a cute vintage veil. Why owls you ask??1. They're ADORABLE!2. My mom is making chocolate owls for the favors, so we thought we'd stick with the theme.
  • What do you need to get done this weekend? We need to send out our invitations... It has taken a LOT longer than we originally thought to get everything together... They'll be out 6 weeks before, so we're ok. How many days till your November weddin…
  • Its a continuous dose of hormones, so you should be able to skip periods. Definitely talk to your doctor about it. I used it for a few months and hated it. Maybe TMI, but I could always feel it. It was placed correctly, but it was just super uncomfo…
  • Thanks for all the advice. I guess I just wanted everything to be perfect. I think FI and I will just leave them as is.
  • We're using burgundy calla lilies, dark red roses, and some greenery called coffee bean. Good luck finding something you love!
  • We're doing a groom's cake. Its no surprise to FI. Its going to be the Batman symbol. He's a big comic book guy.
  • 1) most awesome song in creation? "If You Don't, Don't" by Jimmy Eat World2) favourite meal? Bento boxes at a local sushi place.3) something youre obsessed with right now? Paper lanterns. I can get tons of them for cheap in Chinatown.4) favourite mo…
  • So much to do.. So little time!!
  • I'm in Central Cali. I'm hoping the weather will be ok, too. BUT last year it was really warm when we got engaged on November 21st. I guess we'll just have to be surprised!!
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  • I am too!!
    in NOV 28 Comment by CandK2010 August 2009
  • We're going with black, dark purple, red, and burnt orange. I'm also incorporating touches of brown here and there. Its VERY autumn themed!
  • My FMIL is wonderful!! She's so nice, caring, fun to be around. She has had a lot of great ideas about the wedding, but never gets pushy about it. Her and my FI's whole family have embraced me and are welcoming me into their life.