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  • Congratulations, and welcome!  This is a great board, but I'm sure you know that already What is your BS in, and what will you be going to grad school for?  I'm going for my MA in child development this fall, so I'm kind of in the same boat - do a…
  • I don't think there was a single "AH-HA!" moment where I knew, but it was just a natural progression.  About 3 months into dating we started talking about getting married kind of as a "what if..." scenario.  Several months later it just kind of natu…
  • That's gorgeous!  Great choice, I'm sure you're gorgeous in it!
  • That's awesome, congrats!
  • *Pours margaritas for everyone*
  • Ours is around 110, including all kids and +1s for all single guests.  Most have said there's no way they're bringing a +1, but they're getting the option just in case.  We have (personal) wiggle room up to 125 though, because that's our minimum and…
  • Things look so clean now, it's awesome!  Thank you ladies both for your hard work!
  • I voted between vows and exchange.  The way I see it, after the ring exchange and kiss, people generally expect you to walk back up the aisle and leave, and have prepared for this.  To discover there is another reading afterward, I think, will be mi…
  • Good luck!
  • In Response to Re: Invite printing problem - WWYD?: [QUOTE]That is so FRUSTRATING! I would have had high hopes based on their first response. Could you print them yourself? Could you take them to a chain printer like Staples or Kinko? Would the cos…
  • I am very sorry for your loss, T&Ps of peace and sympathy to you and your family.
  • One of my bridesmaids is coming up on Thursday night to watch it with me.  I know we'll be up for the ceremony at 6, I'm not sure yet if we'll watch all of the pre-wedding coverage yet!
  • In Response to Re: Seriously freaking out over alterations - not happy :(: [QUOTE]Two words JUDGE JUDY! Posted by kristin183[/QUOTE]   This.
    in EXPIRED Comment by DrPB2b13 May 2012
  • Dear FI, Thank you for calming me down and letting me vent about my job and cry on your shoulder every day this week.  You are awesome.  I am very disappointed, though, in the state of our kitchen.  You were home all day Monday, you've been in the …
  • In Response to Re: What did everyone register for that they are most excited about?: [QUOTE]My FI and I were registering for kitchen stuff- looking at blenders.  He saw a Ninja (brand name that I have never seen before) and said "I don't care what …
  • That's awesome, have a great afternoon and a good holiday weekend!
  • Since FI is the youngest, his family already has a "plan" in place for splitting holidays, and we've already been following that for the last few years.  This year is his family's year for Easter and Thanksgiving, and mine for Christmas. That said,…
    in QOTD 5/21 Comment by DrPB2b13 May 2012
  • Tonight we're driving to Cape Cod to visit a friend for the weekend   Not entirely sure what the plans are for while we're there, I think primarily we're going to just hang out and play games.  Hopefully I can get the homework done that I need to, b…
  • I find their choice of wording interesting. They will "ensure they are donated to our charitable partners wherever possible."  Seriously?  This sounds like nothing but a cop-out.  They may as well have said, "We'll make sure that the rest of the des…
  • I'm so glad it's everything you wanted, that's wonderful! Congratulations!
  • Disagree.  She's kind of awesome all around. But, yes, she is.
  • Congratulations, and welcome!
  • In Response to Re: Where are you going on your honeymoon?: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Where are you going on your honeymoon? : We are looking at Maine or Cape Cod.  Maybe the Vermont Area.  We should decide soon and book, but we aren't sure if its …
  • Having just come out of my therapy session for the week about how I beat myself up over expectations....too high is definitely the worse of the two, but if you consider it on a continuum then you definitely want to be somewhere in the middle.
    in QOTD 4/30 Comment by DrPB2b13 April 2012
  • I totally understand why that would upset you; the voicemail sounds a little snippy in text, and somewhat judgmental of your MOH. However, I do agree with PPs; I would definitely talk to her directly and find out what her plans/traditions are, if s…
  • It has been done here, but I think that's fine - it's been a while, we have a whole bunch of new folks, and who doesn't love showing off their e-ring??
  • My Joann's specifically had a "bridal tulle" section - bridal illusion tulle is much softer than "regular" tulle, and flows much more nicely.  That's what I'm using for my veil.  You can also sew beads or pearls to the bottom to get it to hang more …
  • In Response to Re: MMRoberts: [QUOTE]I somehow don't think it's you. Posted by kelsey+brandon[/QUOTE] I know, I was mostly joking.  I do feel bad though, two posts breaking right after I've posted.  Correlation may not imply causation, but it d…
  • An alternate argument to "they raised your FI": Please DO remember that unless your FI decides differently (because this is HIS choice), you will be dealing with your in-laws for the rest of their lives.  You will have to visit them on holidays, de…
  • I often get that way around my period.  If I can, I go take a nap and then eat a small snack - that usually helps.  If I don't have time, multi-symptom Pamprin is my hero.