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  • So please tell me, WHY do you even bother to post on wedding forums? Your judgment is killing me! I hope I never come across you in person based on how rudely you belittle people. It's disgusting.
  • I just find this such a weird issue to be so heated over. Why is it such a horrible thing if someone has a celebration? I personally wouldn't give a shit if a couple I cared about was already married and didn't tell everyone. It's their damn busines…
  • I just find this so hurtful and judgmental. People can do whatever they want that makes them happy.
  • I've read this entire thread, and since I work with college students I find the topic fascinating! I'm not trying to judge anyone, so I apologize in advance if my thoughts are judgmental, but I just wanted to provide some food for thought. The pre…
    in Too Young Comment by Erinable April 2014
  • I'm in the same boat! I got engaged 2/2014 and we're planning for 4/2016. I've always wanted a spring wedding, and I won't be done with my master's until 5/2015. Instead of having a wedding just after graduation, we're waiting almost a year to plan …
  • shrekspeare, I'm so sorry, but I have NO idea what DD is, LOL. I've been trying to google it and can't figure it out.
  • @emilyb213, I know it has been a while and this probably won't be seen, but it is not absurd for guests to look forward to gaps because I've looked forward to them at every wedding I've attended. I realize I'm in the minority here, but it isn't abs…
  • I feel for you deeply on this. I am a singer, and even though it was over 10 years ago, my mother drove to and paid for hotel stays at each of my college auditions. I'm still thankful to her for this, but her smoking in the car and hotel rooms clear…
  • I'm not sure if this is the "right" answer, but as a lifelong vegetarian, type 1 diabetic with food allergies, it's no one's business what anyone chooses to eat or not eat. It might be nice to let your host know if you're bringing vegetarian-frien…
  • @syoun1nj-- Ugh!!! That's all I can say is UGH! LOL That's really terrible of the groomsman. I understand the need to be frugal, but the least he could've done was block rooms and let people know ahead of time there is a cash bar and no food. I att…
  • Uggh! The "weddings are a waste of money" thing...I've been hearing that A LOT lately. It's so rude! Thanks ladies, you've really made me feel better :-)
  • Hi Ladies, I'm recently engaged and am SO excited to have found this board! You're seriously cracking me up! I honestly found the board by googling "rustic-themed weddings make me want to vomit." Anyway, my fiance and I are planning a football-"th…