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  • Congrats! Please post your review when you return. I am considering this resort and Secrets Maroma for my honeymoon.
  • Longlegsrulee- you are a tremendous help! Do you think the Bakers  360 is worth checking out? My wedding isn't until 7/2012, so it does make me nervous to hear they might go out of business. I work for UK part-time, but $9000 is way out of my budget…
  • Thanks ebrasie! They seem so nice and accomodating.
  • Congrats Kim C! I am sure it feels so good to get something checked off your list! When is the wedding?
    in Soundoff DJ Comment by LRM2012 July 2011
  • Yeah, the Round Barn seems pretty pricey. I am not including alcohol, we will most likely have a cash bar. Thanks KYcountygirl15-I am hearing a lot of negative things about Tates Creek Ballroom, not just from this site. Planning can be stressful, b…
  • Has anyone heard of Elite Signature DJs? They are supposively ~$500 for 4 hours.
  • July 14, 2012!! Our reception is at Crossroads Christian Church and the wedding is at a smaller church across the street. We are still deciding on our caterer too. I think we will probably go with Soundoff-really nice guy. Seems to have a lot of exp…
    in Soundoff DJ Comment by LRM2012 July 2011
  • Thanks for the advice amylynn. I think I will contact him soon to discuss details. KimC-thank you for the advice, I will look at alumbraphotos. We are getting married at a church on Todds Road. Our reception will be at our church. I have browsed the…
  • I am using Wells Photography. They are a young married couple and they are super sweet and willing to work with your budget. Here is there website: Wells-Photo.com and Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WellsPhotoKY. Good luck!
  • Thank you Squirrly and Adunn, you have been a great help! I am so happy I discovered this site because I would be lost without it. Adunn-I might look at the photographer I mentioned. Do you think he would travel to Lexington? I love the website th…
  • Thanks for the help! Birdie- is your wedding in KY? I am not familiar with any taverns around KY that cater.
  • Thanks everyone for the help!
  • Thanks so much Inkygirl!
  • Thanks! I have heard good reviews about him. I almost positive that I will go with Soundoff...they are really nice and seem trustworthy. However, I would love to hear about your experience.
    in Soundoff DJ Comment by LRM2012 July 2011
  • Thanks Rachael!
  • Oops...I meant to say that my wedding is in Lexington
  • For those who have been to Sanibel Island or other nice FL honeymoons, where did you stay? Did you get a rental car or just walk/bike everywhere?
  • Thanks Stephie! Have you heard anything about her catering service?
  • I am using Keith with Soundoff DJ. He and is wife are very nice. His wife is also a wedding planner (Affairs to Remember). When I called his wife actually invited me to their son's birthday party so I could meet Keith and see his equipment (all bran…
  • Wow! Thanks Squirrly for the great advice! This is a huge help. Like I said, I am very new at all of this and you bring up some good points that I have not thought of. We are thinking of doing cupcakes instead of cake (my fiance and I do not  like c…
  • I have not heard of Murdocks photography. But, I was shocked at the price! I wonder if he would travel to Lexington, KY. Let me know if you use him or find out any more information. Thanks for sharing this find!
  • Agreed! It is really difficult to plan a wedding while in nursing school. I am trying to squeeze all I can into the holiday break and the summer. I am waiting until the summer of 2012, when I will be finished, to get married. Good luck to you girls,…
  • I have talked to both of these videographers. We have a pretty slim budget and both of these guys were willing to work with us. I looked at their examples online and they both seem very talented. Don't be thrown off by their prices on their website,…