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  • You'll love Toad Valley, they were great to work with! GL!
  • Those pics are GREAT Melissa! Looks like all your hard work turned out beatifully!
  • Congrats and good luck!
  • I second Danielle with Something Chic. She was friendly, easy to work with, and affordable.
  • We had our ceremony outside on the golf course at Toad Valley in Pleasant Hill. The cost was $600, and if there was rain, they would've moved us inside. We had our reception there as well (inside), so if you don't have your reception site chosen, I …
  • ScarletGem summed it up pretty well.I just wanted to add that the online directions/application for updating your social security card were confusing to me as to what I needed to show (it mentioned drivers license, birth certificate, and I couldn't …
  • Your siggy pic is adorable- love the little umbrellas! Can't wait to see more!
  • The pictures are great and you look amazing! So happy for ya!
  • How bout the chapel at Living History Farms? Very cute!
  • Hey Melissa! Thanks :)We got them from Milroys, loved them! The boys looked really good in them. I need to get some pics posted in my Bio so you can see the groomsmen too, their apple green ties were super neat!
  • Your First Name: AbbyFI's First Name: MattWedding Date: 9/5/09, its been 15 days since!Wedding Location: Pleasant HillWedding Colors: Chocolate brown / Apple green
  • I used Action Multimedia. Their website is still advertising a special of 6 hours for $450.
  • Agree with pp on carnations. Also, spider mums are an inexpensive flower that are super pretty, we used a lot of those in the bridesmaids bouquets, and I ended up wishing I had them in my bouquet as well.
  • Yup, its okay to post your email. I'm emailing you now!
  • Where is your reception? I'd suggest somewhere close, so that you don't have a far drive at the end of your night. Downtown has some really nice/romantic hotels though, if thats viable for you. The Renaissance Savory Hotel is really neat.We stayed a…
  • Congrats, those are all really important and fun checks to complete.
  • We used Milroy's. They weren't overly friendly folks there, but they had the tuxes we wanted in the price we wanted. No problems with anything being the wrong size or color, so even though I wouldn't give them an A+ in friendliness, they do get a A+…
  • Yay for your haircut!! Mine is scheduled for tomorrow, two days after I got back from my honeymoon. No way I am waiting three weeks, haha can't wait!!
  • Our timeline looked very similar to yours.IntroductionsImmediate cake cuttingBuffet lineToastsFirst DanceParent's danceTable to table to thank everyone (we did this in lieu of a recieving line. In retrospect, not a great spot to stick this, as many …
  • We did use a travel agent. Ultimately, it made us feel more comfortable to have an "expert" help us book everything since neither DH or I are experienced travelers. The travel agency was free, I suppose they get a kick back from the airline or resor…
  • Someone once posted (I think Nataloo?) this: if the vendor provides you a product (example: cake) you don't tip. If the vendor provides you a service (example: dj) you do tip. But I think whether they own the business also plays into this as well.
  • We used Toad Valley Golf Course in Pleasant Hill. We had our ceremony outside on the course, and reception in thier club house. They were great to work with. They have a $1200 rental fee, but if you cater with them, that amount goes into your cateri…
  • Thanks, Kimmy!
  • This may be too late if you've already printed yours, but I printed WAY too many. I did one per guest, and have at least half left over.
  • Take it from someone who is terrible at delegating (aka ME) that you have got to learn to let some details go, and let other people handle some things for you. Everytime anyone (my mom, MOH, FMIL) said "if there is anything I can do..." I ignored th…
  • Oh Crystal, that stinks! I am a pushover too, so listen to Nataloo's (and others) advice and be firm. What a poopy thing to deal with!
  • Oh CUTE! I've seen cake toppers that are supposed to look like the couple, but yours totally beats them all. They really do look like you both! Where did you get this?
  • Gah. I don't post a lot, but I just wanted to say that it sounds like your parents and my parents might be the same people. I feel your pain.
    in Awesome. Comment by MrsEmJay August 2009
  • Thanks so much ladies!
  • I think the "rule" is that if you invite some children, you should invite them all. I, however, broke the rule. :-/ My young cousins who I love and am close with have all been invited, because I can't imagine NOT having them there. But, for other pa…