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  • Okay Becca! What happened to you? You lost contact with me!
  • I am glad that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was very lovely as well! This Thanksgiving was absolutely awesome for us! me being pregnant was something to be very thankful for!!!! I ate sooooooooo much and had a great time with ALL my f…
  • Oh my gosh! Congrats! Glad you got that out of the way!!!! So happy that everyone especially you and the FI are happy with it!!! This is so exciting!
  • This really does suck! I have been gone for a week and I came back to this! blah! even when you collapse the tv it still doesnt go all the way up to the top! and it is pretty slow on my computer also!!! Why do they feel the need to change something …
  • This is a great idea! Not sure where to start though lol!
  • Congrats! and welcome to the board! Hope you find all the advice you need and more on this board! we are soooooo happy to have you here! 
  • I think I am getting my husband a watch this year! mrussell that is a very neat idea! I have done that with my hubby in the past....I  remember giving him a coupon book 3 years ago! He really LOVED that idea! Good luck in whatever you decided and l…
  • Hi Char!! How are ya?!?! Congrats on your engagement & hope we all have fun planning & sharing ideas!!
  • Ahleesha, Congrats to you as well!!! I am sure we will all get to know each other better as the time goes by! It really will be fun planning & giving each other tips & advice! I am also happy that we have 2 years to plan because that way we …
  • Hi to everyone that said they were new to this board on this post!! (by now you have all been here longer than me), but still want to say hi to everybody LOVE the photobooth idea!!! I love that some of the brides-to-be without a ring are still on…
  • catemeg- I like that idea very much!!! We are going to wait until it gets closer to pick the bridesmaids & groomsmen. We already have the MOH & BM
  • Hi everyone!! So i start off on my journey once again! We were orginally going to get married through the church August 2011(hence the nickname) but we got pregnant in August of 2010 & everything was put on hold! We are now proud parents of a al…
  • Congrats and welcome to the board Ckcavalier!!!!! hehe you are not crazy if you bought your dress already! just prepared!!! Me, I havent bought my dress yet, only because I have a baby on the way and there is no point in getting it right now! BTW…
  • Well, you have something very special going there! You know I hate that crap about people telling you "you have lots of time" etc., its like ahhhhhhhh. So that is why I only talk to my immediate family about my wedding! trust me I am glad that we a…
  • Yep!!! I feel the same way! but my reaction is more like killing my computer lol! jk Usually when there is no prices given it is because it cost some money! Especially those wedding dresses sites you get from magazines etc., and when you find the si…
  • Hi!! My name is Lesley! Congrats on the engagement and upcoming marriage!!! Glad you found this board
  • Congrats to you and welcome!!!!! Hope we get to know each other better during this exciting time for us all! It is ok if you havent reserved everything and have everything down right....I think that is the perk of not getting married so quickly...w…
  • Hey Becca! I couldnt find you on facebook! it kept telling me: no search found
  • I do love that idea! Very neat & pretty. Well, I am thinking of wearing my hair up halfway with volume on top and curls going all around....not sure if this will stick! My mommy is a hairstylist, so she will be doing my hair on my big day!! I lo…
  • Wow!!! Beautiful! Love it, love it, love it! Let me know when you get your program back on, so you can help me! Or give me some ideas
  • no problem!!! I will do it in a little while! Thank you so much!
  • Oh my gosh I love it!!!! Thank you sooooo much!! you are the greatest! How do I put it on mine!?
  • Thank you so much Becca!! It means a lot that your so happy for me Your awesome!!! Happy one month anni of being our Moderator
  • Thank you Jenny!!! This is awesome!!! I hope everything works out for you!! Keep us updated!!
  • hehe! Well, let's see! Since July we still not found a venue that I like so far...I do have a DJ and a caterer, so I am happy about that!!! We are looking at more venues this coming month! We are planning to lock in a venue by the end of this year!…
  • Height: 5'8 Weight: 180lbs Goal: 155lbs How will I do it? - low impact aerobics ( the only thing my doctor has ok'd) -walking 3-4 times a week about 3 miles. - staying away from sweets (that is my weakness!!) and eating wayyy healthier. -b…
  • Haha!!! You're hilarious!!! ok, I'll be jealous because I am pregnant and now you have me craving Thanksgiving food!!!! Ahhhh! Hehe! Hope you have lots of fun and the food is super yummy!! Woohoo! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  • Well you better find your will power inside of you and use it!!! Hehe! We all have to exercise!! We can do it ladies!!! Yea! LOL I'm being silly! But I mean it! So how will we keep track of this?
  • oops! I meant to put "you're awesome support, you ladies rock" oh, hydra what is the story with your grandmother and August 13? Hehe would like to know if I may.
  • awwwe! Thanks Becca that means alot! Yes! I get another ultrasound pic next week, so I will definitely put it in my siggy! Hydra-thank you!!! haha that is neat! Knottie aunties! How cool! Thank you all for your awesome support!!