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  • Oh, I totally saw your episode!  I LOVED your wedding.  I thought it was so unique and beautiful.  Congratulations!
  • Our wedding and showers are a ways away, but I thought I'd chime in.  We registered SUPER early and have been fortunate to receive registry gifts for our engagement party, Christmas, and birthdays.  One of our stores just had their semi-annual Frien…
  • We are using Orange Wedding Films as our videographer(s).
  • Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread!  @Aimers, yes I saw the pics and I can't wait to see it in person...hopefully they'll have an open house when the studio is complete!
  • Danada House in Wheaton.
  • I'm hoping for a snow day as well!  Word of advice--if you have to get gas, do it ASAP!  Lines were crazy long everywhere and the Shell that I finally ended up getting a pump at was almost out!  Yikes. 
  • In Response to Re: Christmas Wedding Colors: [QUOTE]Thanks for all the help.  Wow I can't wait to see pics of everyones wedding!!  I was thinking charcoal went be great and easy to accent, but we had a lot of trouble finding a dress in the right co…
  • In Response to Re: Glassware vs. Plastic: [QUOTE]I much prefer drinking out of glass, so I'd splurge on this if you can, but wouldn't call it a necessity. Posted by skantrowitz[/QUOTE] Ditto this.
  • Our reception will be 6 hours, including cocktail hour.  I think that's pretty standard from most weddings I've been to.  Although, we went to one reception that was 8 hours and it was wayyyy, wayyyyy too long...
  • Bloomingdale's Home Store!
  • OMG, I had THE MOST DREADFUL experience with Macy's.  I can PM you the details if you want them; I'm not comfortable posting what happened.  But it was a seriously horrific experience and I will never, ever shop a wedding registry there.  Ugh.  Obvi…
    in Macy's? Comment by TEA&Co April 2011
  • So fun!
  • Well, I had my mind made up of where I wanted our reception wayyyy before we even got engaged.  Once we verified with the venue that our date was open, they were able to put a hold on the space for us.  In the meantime, before signing the contract, …
  • What a beautiful dress!  Congrats on finding the one!
  • Everyone's colors sound beautiful!  We are doing black and white (no accent colors) for our December wedding, but if we were planning a spring or summer wedding, I would have done navy and bright pink in a heart beat!
  • Hmm...well, I've never heard of a tiered reception.  So what do you tell the coworkers that you only invited to the reception when they ask when and where your ceremony is?  And my feelings would be really hurt if I was invited to come at 8, showed …
  • Hi everyone.  I just posted an intro on the Monday New Members thread, so I hope that it's ok if I jump in here! B: Whole wheat mini bagel, reduced fat veggie cream cheese, sliced strawberries L: Leftover shredded BBQ chicken, another mini bagel, b…
  • I NEED to do this today because this week has been overly indulgent! B: Leftover cavatelli with pesto sauce... L: 3 Wasa crackers w/ low fat veggie cream cheese, tangerine, green grapes S: More fruit, maybe some baby carrots Either whole wheat penn…
  • I don't have much experience in this area, but I've eaten at Angeli's restaurant many times, and it's soooo good!  My IL's attended a wedding that Angeli's did the catering for, and they raved about it...and they're extremely picky, so that's a rare…
  • What a beautiful wedding!  Congratulations and thanks for your reviews!
  • Thanks Alpha!  I'm really excited to meet with Karolina.  Seventiespop, thank you for the recommendation, I'm off to look at the website.
  • I visited White Satin Bridal in Plainfield, A Joyful Occasion in Naperville, Bella Bianca in Oakbrook Terrace, The Dress by Nicole in Wheaton, and The Crystal Bride in Geneva.  I ended up purchasing my gown from Crystal Bride and have had a FANTASTI…
  • Another vote for the KitchenAid.  I have the Artisan as well...didn't register for it, but received it as a birthday gift a few years ago.  I have nothing but RAVE reviews for it.  I don't have a single plastic piece, and though I most often use the…
  • I won't be of huge help since my favorite work out songs are by B. Spears, but I do have some Red Hot Chili Peppers on my playlist...
  • I am using Tamara Hair and Makeup (Tamara for makeup and Mel for hair).  They will come to me.  I was very happy with my trial.  They've gotten great reviews and their prices are very reasonable.  GL!
  • It is possible, but none of the stores that we registered at bothered us when we went in.  I preferred doing it in-store to online so that I could actually see things in person, see how things looked together, etc.
  • Our photographer is Tasha Schalk of Redwall Photography and we love her!  When I was looking into photographers, I found (and still find) Tasha's prices to be exceptionally reasonable. 
  • Good Morning!  I need to start posting here more regularly... B: Coffee with pumpkin pie creamer, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Lara Bar (so good!), banana L: Santa Fe Beans and Rice LC, multigrain tortilla chips, three-layer humus S: Apple Crockpot…
  • Yep, All-Clad and Le Creuset...we have some and registered for more!  Love both brands.
  • I love this board!  Thanks everyone, I am making a list!