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  • I also got married in the MGM suite. Another vote for Pat the bartender. He was $100 and the best $100 we spent. we supplied the alcohol and mixers but he brought all the tools. It rained our wedding day so he kept everyone entertained.  @xoeden '…
  • Another vote for Sauced. They were great. Not as responsive as Masterpiece but it all worked out.
  • If you want something simple and efficient, we did Nothing Bundt Cakes and then got a custom cake topper made on Etsy. Worked out great.
    in Cake? Comment by adverb September 2016
  • I do recommend the MGM suite for a small party. I had 25 people and it fit great. The balcony view was amazing. I booked in January as well I believe for Oct 4 and 5 of LAST year. I used my platinum status to get a discount but I don't know if they …
  • Cute! (We got married 10-5 last year.. holla!)  Your itinerary sounds pretty packed the day of. Hope it all works out!
  • Thanks for sharing. I considered the Stratosphere but ultimately went with the MGM. Out of curiosity, what did you spend on the venue including reception for 45 people.
  • We did a first dance in our suite and it was not akward at all. I really wanted to do it on the balcony, but it was raining too much so we just did it inside. We didn't even move any furniture. You can see the video here:
  • PAT at First Class Bartenders!! I found him on Thumbtack. Super cheap. We supplied the alcohol and he did a fantastic job (he can also pick it up for you if you need). Everyone RAVED about him. I'll admit we didn't get much time to interact with hi…
  • Aww no problem @xoeden  Always happy to help. If anyone else is curious I'm happy to upload it or send a link. However, if you're reading this post October 2016, I'm sure @xoeden will be writing a very detailed report about what worked and didn't
  • I bought a custom veil online. Once I decided I wanted a green lace veil my options became very limited. Got mine from this site: http://jaksflowergirldresses.com/  But if all you want is a traditional veil for cheap you have a LOT of options. I r…
  • Hello! I was slightly incorrect - we spent three days in LA total. Two in Anaheim and one in LA.   Two days at Disney was definitely cheaper. We're from Orlando so we could skip a lot of the stuff that was the same. If you've got limited vacation …
  • We got married in Vegas in October. Flew in Friday. Got married on a Monday. Tuesday we drove to Disneyland - stayed for two nights. Friday we did LA and drove back. Saturday and part of Sunday we did Vegas and then flew home Sunday evening.
  • Another vote for Todd. You can see all my photos here: https://goo.gl/photos/JgKHFVadCWVm6Y9m8
  • Just wanted to bump this up and say that I got married at the MGM Suite and it was all about 5k - including the dress. I had about 25 people but budgeted for 30.  Here's a rough breakdown for my costs: Suite - $1000 for 2 nights Dress - $500 (inclu…
  • I just did an in-suite reception at MGM. While we were able to sneak food in, as I mentioned in my earlier post, security did stop by. But this was ONLY because we had the door open because it was getting hot inside due to the rain. We managed to ta…
  • @AndreaZubia85 - yeah I'm so envious of your smooth DOC experience. If my wedding was more involved I would have just gotten an all day coordinator. But I'm glad it worked out for you! @mlewis85 -  Faith was pretty good up until the day of. Are you…
  • Not Vegas themed, but we got these for pretty cheap off VistaPrint and we got them on glossy paper so they look great. I like photo invites. I suppose you could put one of the pictures as a Vegas theme.  We did an engagement shoot at EPCOT so we use…
  • I only wanted 20 people there. We invited 40, a few of which were family who we were pretty sure couldn't come but we wanted to extend the offer to them anyway. 26 showed up. It was plenty for me.
  • I've heard good things about Firefly Tapas which is slightly off the strip but has really good prices. Also, I got marreid 10/5/15 - Holla!
  • Oh and my wedding date was 10/5/15 - so HOLLA for multiples of 5 in our wedding dates. And holla again for weekday weddings!!
  • Wow those pictures look amazing. Out of curiosity what did she charge? Ugh I HATE how you have to pay a fee to NOT use a photographer at a chapel, but it is what it is.  And how did you decide on her? Pretty cool she came from nashville.
  • Good advice. I did bring my dress in a garment bag and had it steamed when I got there. Out of curosity how much did it cost did have her pack the dress like that? Or was it included? I bought my dress online so i don't think that was an option.
  • Oh nice! If you don't mind me asking what did your wedding band charge from Groupon? From the little I spoke with Kelly I thought they would have been a great choice as well. I just wanted a slightly different style for my wedding video, but at th…
  • Awesome! I almost went with Langdon but decided to go with a different videographer instead. I should post my video too so people can compare.
  • We got engaged in February, sent out the save the date wesbite in March (no actual invitations yet). We sent out the REAL invites and set up a website in May, and then got married in October. We didn't have ALL the details hammered out yet, so for…
  • Great reviews!! I had issues with my DOC too that I'll have to post about. Jealous you just got sprinkles, I got full on downpours haha!
  • Just got my photos back from Todd and I love them. The bigger issue is how goofy my face looks in these pictures. We're our own worst critics, right ladies?
  • I can attest that Todd was EXTREMELY accommodating. I had an American Girl doll dressed up in the same dress I was, and not only did he work with us to get some great shots, but he carried her around in his bag when we had to impromptu take a taxi. …
  • I wrote a letter to the CEO and they STILL just wanna give us vouchers but not reimburse us. Still annoyed but trying to see if I can go thru my credit card company. Since this was booked on points I might be SOL
  • Just got married and we ended up doing a Bachelorette a couple days before since everyone was already there and it was easier. Definitely glad I gave a day buffer. We did the MGM Pool, Mon Ami, rented a limo and then ended up at Carnival Court. It…