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  • Try paperdirect.com
    in Place Cards Comment by ag2037 July 2010
  • Not so much into strip clubs...looking more for a fun place to dance.
  • I'm using Prestige, and they are fantastic! They're NYC based but traveling to Philly for our wedding, so they may travel to your location as well. 
  • agreed. wear some dangly earrings and a substantial bracelet (i.e. not something extremely narrow and difficult to see from afar). a necklace would be too much with the sweetheart neckline and the visual interest of the back. 
  • I had no idea this board existed until today! So excited to find this! I totally feel your pain, Megaroo. I'm getting married in August, 2 months after my comprehensive exams and exactly one week after my dissertation proposal is due. Gah! Not sure …
  • i say go with the first one, as it shows off the beautiful back of the dress. why wear such a low-cut back if you're going to cover it up with your hair?
  • I've seen girls do the leotard thing - to me it looks really weird, like they're wearing a t-shirt under their gown. I'm in the same situation as you, though. I tried a bolero, which happened not to look good with my dress, so I'm going with a shawl…
  • A little confused as to why you've bought your wedding bands before your engagement ring...
  • my personal preference is for the second one, but i think the first one is better suited to your venue. 
  • I'd be careful with gradual tanning lotions like Jergens - I'm also very pale, and when I tried it - despite being extremely careful about distributing it evenly - I ended up with orange streaks up my legs. 
    in Pale Skin Comment by ag2037 July 2010
  • Ditto PPs - love the overall look, but I don't think the tiara fits in with the vibe. I think you're better off with a comb or a flower clip, maybe a fascinator or a birdcage veil?
  • there is absolutely no rule that says your food has to match your flowers. in fact, i find that a little silly. i don't think anyone (aside from your friend who's helping out) would ever notice. 
  • In Response to Re: Lingerie for a 34D?: [QUOTE]I work at VS, and we do carry your size, just a lot of the time, we don't have it in-store. Shop our website for better luck, and be sure to check out your local store, it should have a bridal display …
  • In Response to Re: Guest Attire: [QUOTE]You don't need to--people will be able to determine the formality of the event from the style of your invitations, your venue, etc. It's in general not polite to tell people what to wear. [/QUOTE] Since when…
    in Guest Attire Comment by ag2037 June 2010
  • i agree with previous posters that you're better off registering - if you don't, you'll end up with a ton of stuff you don't want or need, and chances are you won't be able to return a lot of it because people will forget to include a gift receipt. …
  • it's great, and as an added bonus, you can probably wear it again!
  • 1. It fits you like a dream.2. Who cares if anyone else is wearing it?! (See number 1)
  • sephora has a great return policy (you can return anything, used or not, within 30 days), so why don't you buy a bunch of stuff, try it out at home over a few days, and return whatever doesn't work for you? that way, you'll know what works and what …
  • Brown or tan. 
    in shoes?? Comment by ag2037 June 2010
  • there's a plant called dusty miller that has sort of shimmery gray/silver leaves. it could work really beautifully: http://www.floridafriendlyplants.com/DatabaseImages/DustyMiller.jpg
  • In terms of ease, the Hilton on City Avenue would be your best bet - they are the only hotel in Philadelphia that has an in-house kosher caterer. Their rates are fairly good as well. Just about all of the hotels in the city and many, many other venu…
  • buy a really great concealer. i recommended a brand called amazing concealer. it really is!
  • definitely #2!
  • i think it depends on how old she is. i know when i was 7 or 8 i would much rather have sat with my mom than a bunch of random strange grownups. conversely, when i was 12 or 13 i would have been only too happy to do so.
  • neutrogena and clean and clear both make scrubs that also have acne fighting ingredients in them. 
    in Skincare Comment by ag2037 June 2010
  • I vote for the marathon day - asking people to travel so close to thanksgiving may prevent them from traveling to spend the holiday with family. 
  • i like both, but when i clicked on the first link, i though "ooooh." it definitely has a wow factor. 
    in Vote please! Comment by ag2037 June 2010
  • i say no to the tanning bed! if you want to look tan, there are tons of safer options - spray tans, and there are a lot of really good self tanning products out there. try them out ahead of time so you know what works for you.
  • In Response to Re: To invite or not...: [QUOTE]If I was getting thousands of dollars in free photography, I'd suck it up and invite the daughter and family. Posted by noelle24[/QUOTE] a little crudely worded, but i have to agree with the sentim…
  • i personally prefer a sparkly headband. i find it to be a more contemporary look.