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  • I'm not planning on it. I had never heard of them until I got engaged and I just want to keep it white and beautiful.
    in QOTD 3/12 Comment by aimee58 March 2012
  • Yikes. How close are you with the in-laws? You could tell the sister-in-law that it would mean a lot to you if she was there. Make it about you and your FI, not about the brother-in-law. If you're not that close, tell FI to call his bro and work s…
  • yay! Can't wait! And it's FI and I's dating anniversary. So tonight is romantic dinner out night!! Congrats ladies!
  • We did because it was included in the cost of the ring. Mine can't be engraved because they can't engrave where there are diamonds. His says "Today, tomorrow, and forever in love. 10.27.12"
  • I like it with the cardigan too...either belt over or under!! But I'm partial...I wear cardigans almost everyday!
  • We're also doing brown dresses. FI like the brown tux idea, so he's doing that with burnt orange vest/tie. I've seen black tuxes with brown vests too, and it looks nice. I've also seen tan tuxes which looks good.
  • I'm just doing Kohl's or JC Penney. They have a pretty big selection of stuff. I got my crinoline at David's though.
  • I expect my maids to be with me on the day, go to bridal shows/showers if they can, and buy their dress. Also, I expect them to plan the bachelorette. My mom and FMIL are planning showers, so I don't expect the BMs to do that. All I really want fr…
  • I'm there!
  • My friends big party! It's a full saturday of drinking, eating brats, bouncy castle, softball and FIREWORKS!
    in QOTD 7/4 Comment by aimee58 July 2012
  • I'm doing tote bags with stuff in them. I'm getting each girl jewelry (overplayed yes, but I'm getting their input so as not to buy them anything too off from their style), a bottle of champagne, a little bridesmaid survival kit, and a pashmina to w…
  • Awkward....who does these things? I think you responded really well. Hopefully she'll pick up when you meant.
  • We're having the ushers seat my mom. One is my best guy friend that I've known since I was about 3. The other is my 18 year old cousin. So one of them will seat my mom. FI will seat his mom. Still not sure what to do with FI's grandpa. He's the only…
  • Last night we went to FI's BM's house for grilled chicken and baked potatoes. Tonight we're making chicken stirfry. Nothing from a recipe, just some chicken, veggies, and teriyaki sauce with rice Tomorrow is chicken kebobs on the grill. Thursday…
  • I said 3-4, but some weeks it's more like 5-6. It really depends on our stress level.
  • Bridesmaids' dresses, a couple DIY things (card box, table numbers), and some ceremony details (readings, etc). FI is stressing about rehearsal dinner, but I'm not concerned about that yet.
  • Congrats!! The rings are exciting. Mine came with the e-ring as a set. FI was so excited and went a little crazy looking at his options. He's also a jewelry first timer and was drawn in by diamonds and black and gold and white gold. (For a while he …
  • Major NSYNC fan.....they were way better and cuter!
  • Old: Hankerchief from my grandma New: My sister/MOH is buying me a pair of earrings to wear on the day Borrowed: no clue Blue: I think I'm going to have my mom stitch our wedding date into the lining of my dress in blue. I also have a beautiful s…
  • WHEN: August 22, 2011 (a week after my birthday. He was going to wait until the weekend when we were in Minneapolis, but he couldn't wait so proposed on Tuesday when he picked up the ring) WHO: I immediately called my 3 best friends and my sister. …
  • We're pretty much set and we got her for a great price. She has since upped her rates, so I'm glad we got her when we did. We have a contract signed, just need to set down which kinds of shots we want and whatnot.
  • In Response to Re: QOTD 2/28: [QUOTE]I love Miller Lite, margaritas, and rieslings. We are planning on doing a signature drink at the wedding with apple cider and rum (we haven't found our exact recipe yet). Otherwise, I drink a lot of tea and lemo…
  • My hair is pretty coarse and thick. It usually holds curl pretty well. I'm concerned about it looking greasy at the wedding, which happens if I don't shower every morning. I'll talk to my stylist and see what she recommends... As far as a timeline…
    in timeline? Comment by aimee58 July 2012
  • It was our 4th real date...and like 2 weeks after I met him. It was a little quick, but we moved our relationship quick and knew after the first date that this was the big one in terms of relationships.
    in QOTD 6/29 Comment by aimee58 June 2012
  • I can't wait!! Girls night!
  • Thanks for the ideas! FI and I found a place called brew city bus that cover 4 hours for $360 total (including tip/tax). It's a 16-20 person bus.
  • Relax...you will be fine. Plan B is very effective and you were smart to act quickly. I've taken Plan B and actually had the opposite effect: I missed my period. I wasn't pregnant, it just threw off the hormones. Be warned though that, at least for…
  • I think the thumbprint one is cute, but when I've done, I end up walking around with a blue (or green or red) thumb all night. Not fun.
    in Esty.. Comment by aimee58 August 2012
  • Do it! My dad and I talked about this, but neither of us are dancers so we're not sure how to segue into it without looking ridiculous.