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  • Still working on getting wedding gifts put away and the house organized since we got back/bought the house.  I feel like it is a never ending project (especially since by the time I get home at night I don't really feel like doing much besides relax…
  • Thanks everyone for the input!  We decided we are going to use Making Memories of Us as the first dance song and just play I won't give up somewhere else during the night.
  • In Response to Re: Frustrated and Discouraged...need advice/help: [QUOTE]holymoly you need to eat woman! Your bod needs a MINIMUM of 1,200 calories (give or take.. but rarely does a body need anything less than that) just to  BE ALIVE. That is with…
  • Ah!!!!!!! I am so excited it is hard to focus on any of the work I should be doing!  Can't believe it is finally almost here (we've had almost a 4 year engagement).  
  • I haven't started yet...but plan on starting tonight.  I think the hardest part is going to be starting them!  Once I get them done I'll share as I want as much input as I can get! 
  • In Response to Re: Frustrated and Discouraged...need advice/help: [QUOTE]Can you tell us a bit more about what your workouts and diet involve? Posted by Lobsters25[/QUOTE] My workouts typically include at least 30 minutes of cardio (either on a…
  • June 9th!!  Can't wait...only a few more little things to finish this weekend and then to start packing!  I keep checking the weather too...right now it's partly Sunny but rain on Suday so I just hope it stays that way! 
  • We're going to start TTC in about a year and a half.  Want to make it to my sister's wedding next August without taking any attention away from her, but after that I think we'll start trying. 
  • @PattyandAlan...I really like that bouquet.  Any idea of what the bride's bouquet looked like?
  • Where are you going on your honeymoon? Jamaica - Sandal Negril For how long? 1 week Are you going directly after the wedding or postponing it? We leave the Tuesday after the wedding...so some relaxing with family and then just the two of us. …
  • @kristin1007 that does make sense and I have thought about doing the same where I would carry a mostly malibu bouquet and the girls would carry mostly white.  The dresses we went with were David's Bridal style number 84177.  What style are you going…
  • Yesterday when we got our marriage license and closed on a house!!! There have been other little moments too; like getting RSVPs back and trying the dress on at the 1st fitting, but yesterday was the biggest it's almost here moment!!! So excited and…