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  • They look great!! 
  • In Response to Re: Booking the honeymoon: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Booking the honeymoon : Baaaaa this scares me!!! Really??? Crap I need to get on it!!! Where are you guys staying?? What islands are you going to??? Posted by kls114[/QUOTE] …
  • I want to do a shorter vase with the waterbeads in them and add some flowers too. These are just others I had saved before I decided on a centerpiece....
  • I really love that dress...I think lace is so beautiul!! 
  • I am also looking at going to Maui for our honeymoon.  FI keeps asking if we can afford it.  I'm off to check the HM board to check out that thread.
  • I've tried both..... With the whitestrips my teeth were super sensitive and it was very painful.  I've never actually done it long enough to see results b/c of the discomfort. With the professional I did not experience any pain or discomfort.  But…
  • Plans:  Tonight - going to a surprise Bday party with some friends.  Tomorrow - watching the bucks game w/ a friend, wedding, and a bachelorette party.   OR going to Toledo to visit my sister.  plans aren't set yet so we'll see.  Sunday - relaxing! …
    in ~TGIF!!~ Comment by aotte October 2010
  • In Response to Re: Poll: Thoughts about choreographed first dances...: [QUOTE]I think that it depends on the couple.  I have friends who have the personalities to make up their own dance to whatever fun song they want and are crazy fun...I have oth…
  • Fi is going to get each guy a knife with their name engraved into it.  Most of the GM are hunters so they will get a hunting related knife, the others will get a pocket knife.  Ironically FI hasn't asked anyone yet and has a gift idea and I'm the …
  • looking good!!!
  • We both LOVE the Ohio State Buckeyes!!!  FI likes the Bengals and the Reds too. 
  • HM, making updates to the house/keeping the house the way I like it!  Traveling, maybe a dog, and after a year or so Baby!
  • M Current last name = 15 M FI's last name = 40
  • We will order in November b/c the bridal shop is giving 15% off on all orders paid in full when they get measured.  So I want to be sure my girls get the best deal.  Otherwise Jan. would have been my deadline to have them ordered. 
  • Football  - GO BUCKS! Hoodies - I could wear them everyday My Birthday
    in Fall! Comment by aotte August 2010
  • Dear AT&T I just want a new cell phone that works.  I don't want to drive all over the damn county to find a store that has a phone in STOCK.  Is that too much to ask for you to keep them in the store.  I also don't want to pay an arm and a leg …
  • woohoo! I'm also a 7/9/11 bride.  I hope the months keep going by this fast....as long as I stay on top of planning of course.
    in 9/9 Comment by aotte September 2010
  • I have few friends who are in graphic design that have always said if we need anything they'd give me the best price.  I haven't talked to any of them yet (3 to choose from) but I'm sure they'll be more than willing to help.  I'll probably also use…
    in Invitations Comment by aotte August 2010
  • Mostly page 1.  If I've missed out on a lot by the time I get to page 2 I'm tired of reading. 
  • My weekend was very nice.  I took my personal day on Friday so a 3 day weekend for me.  I spend Thursday night and Friday at the camp grounds with my mom, aunts and cousins.  It was very relaxing.  Friday night football game, Saturday was pretty low…
    in Monday!! Comment by aotte September 2010
  • This is hilarious..... I voted who cares.  Like others have said I'm just happy when the roll actually has TP on is! 
    in Toilet Paper Comment by aotte July 2010
  • In Response to Re: Every nickel and dime?: [QUOTE]You can tell that I am an accountant, hahah. I keep track of every nickel and dime that we spend! It's not all for budget reasons, but I like to know how much I spend on certain DIY projects, includ…
  • In Response to Re: Dear __________,: [QUOTE]Dear FI, If you aren't going to get up until 7, please dont set your alarm for 6:15 and continue to hit snooze every 5 minutes.  You stole my sleep from me!!! I Love You!!! Posted by apaadzzzz[/QUOTE] …
  • I think I'm doing a 5x7 invitation.  I just think anything bigger is too big.  We aren't having any response cards, so it's just one card. 
  • WR: schedule an appointment to go look at bridesmaids dresses with maid and matron. NWR:  Call AT&T to get rid of all the junk texts that I receive. 
  • LOL....FI talks occasionally.  Usually is just a bunch of cuss words.  haha.
  • Wedding planner? not having one Reception? Yes Ceremony? Yes Bridal gown? Yes!!! Bridesmaid dresses? No Tuxedos? No Flower girl dress? Not having one Photography? Yes Videography? currently shopping around for one.  can't decide if it's worth …
  • I am the second of 4 with an older sister, younger brother, younger sister.  We are all 2 yrs apart. FI is the 3rd of 4 with an older brother, older sister, younger brother.  I am the 3rd to marry in my family, FI is the second. 
  • I mostly just need to tone up....especially the abs and love handles area!
  • This in charcoal.