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  • I think you can still send them, but it's pretty tight. Not sure it's entirely worth it at this point.
  • In Response to Re: More Guest List ??: [QUOTE]1. If your dad isn't paying for the wedding you can invite whomever you want. Just be prepared to handle any drama/stife that could arise. 2. If they're truely single, they do not need to be invited wit…
  • Either way is fine. We're doing a first look and getting all but our family pictures done pre-ceremony, so we won't be the first people there but we also won't miss much of the cocktail hour -- more like 15 minutes or so.
  • No, if you invite them you must host them. That said, an RD can be a super casual thing -- you could pick up some pizzas and soda and have it at a local park if you want.
  • Ours is a short ceremony followed by 4 hours: 1 for cocktail hour, 1 for dinner, and two for open dancing. It ends at 10:30. That seems like plenty to me. We'll be post-partying back at the hotel bar.
  • In Response to Re: TGIF - Take 2: [QUOTE]Special, you did read correctly.  I'm trying to wait a little longer to see if my aversion goes away, but I might end up giving that bottle away.  OK I have no self control and I think I want both.  They're …
  • Welp that was a fun way to blow some work time. I was CliittorisGlitterus. I'm going to miss my Santorum pic. 
    in Good Morning! Comment by aragx6 May 2012
  • Have they met before? If not I'd try to set up a dinner or something to make the introduction. If that's not possible because of distance, I'd have Fi call his mom and let her know your mom would like to get to know her and to expect her call.
  • I think the OP seems to be hesitating on asking her friend to be MOH because it's been such a heinous experience in the past. The solution is easy. Pick your best friend and don't act like an ass hat bridezilla. Loads of people are still just as cl…
  • ^We honestly haven't even found it to be diocese specific, but rather at the church level. We have Catholic friends all around the St. Louis diocese and they've had wildly different experiences. Obviously that's harder if you're in a rural area or a…
  • Complimentary means free of charge. Complementary means it goes well together. You're right.
  • In Response to Re: Only 3 bathroom breaks per week?: [QUOTE]My son is in 5th grade, they raise their hand with their fingers crossed to let the teacher know they need a biology break.  She just nods at them and off they go (no pun intended).  They'…
  • I find it very hard to believe your venue is charging $175 for a child's meal. Have you spoken with the venue about the cost of meals for the kids? At the end of the day many people will leave after dinner, or even after the ceremony, and there's n…
  • We're going to do a first look. I'm not the most sentimental person in the world and they make a lot of sense, but I was entirely convinced once I saw some first look photos -- what a special, sweet and private moment. Now it's as important to me …
  • We're getting ones we can print ourselves for exactly this reason so that might be worth looking into. Or a local calligrapher. But mostly I wanted to say that your Boston in adorable
  • In Response to Re: Waiting time for Thank You notes: [QUOTE]It's been a month since you gave her the gift.  I'd say cut her a little slack. Posted by ILoveMilkDuds[/QUOTE] This.
  • FI doesn't mind period sex, but I just don't really enjoy it. With my BC I only bleed for 2 or maybe 3 days anyway so it's not a big deal for us.
  • You could call ahead before the appointment and give them your credit card information -- then she won't have a choice!
  • I honestly still don't feel all that grown up. But I do hold my tongue better than I used to -- I used to have a pretty serious case of foot-in-mouth syndrome.
  • In Response to Re:XP: Do bridemaids buy their own dress?: [QUOTE]this isn't etiquette, and not the common practice, but I really feel like the bride should pay for bm dresses. I'm paying for dresses. They can wear what they want for shoes, hair, je…
  • I think you'll go through far less emotional hardship if just you, Fi and the kiddos do your own thing. If you can afford it, a tiny little destination wedding with just you guys sounds great. If you do, however, truly think you'd regret not having…
  • I think, in this case, I would not have a wedding party so that these decisions can be made later with current relationship statuses in mind. Unless of course you've already asked them ...
  • You'll probably get pretty varied responses depending on where knotties live. Houstonians snuggle up in heavy jackets when it drops into the 60s. Personally, as long as you have plenty of the outdoor heaters -- which work really well -- I think tha…
  • In Response to Re: I judge...: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: I judge... : Yeah I don't care what you people say about gifts, that is fucked up. Posted by ahhhitsshannyn[/QUOTE] Seriously that's way worse than mine. And it's not even about the gift …
    in I judge... Comment by aragx6 June 2012
  • I'm not in the least superstitious, so I don't think it's bad luck, but it's not axactly proper either. That said, if I'd already ordered them, I wouldn't worry over it too much. Just use them.
    in Bad Luck? Comment by aragx6 April 2012
  • How heartbreaking for the kids when they find out random ass coworkers knew about this but not them.
  • I like A the best. I guess it wouldn't be that weird to order a couple different kinds, but it would probably be more expensive, right? I say pick one and go with it.
  • Because they did bring it up initially I don't see a problem with casually asking about it if you frame it just as you did to us, that it's about needing to get the time off of work.
  • Oh and Midge, that episode of New Girl was the season finale, so there is no next week sadly! I love that show, but that wasn't a very strong finale if you ask me.
  • FI and I are both each others only, which definitely wasn't my plan, but it certainly worked out nicely. We used to bang constantly -- that's what 19 year olds do, right? But it dwindled after the first couple of years and it's been an ebb and flow …