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  • i tried on so many dresses and with the all the family i so confused with the names of what is what , who is who but its georgous  , strapless , it has a wrap right under the boobs lol , and then it puffs out .  It had a flower on the wrap on the …
  • Congratualtions !!!  how happy you must be to check taht off your list  Happy Planning!!
  • Thanks so much guys ,, Kristin they are done so its over   and Shari you gave me that little ray of hope
  • I'm using Next Generation Entertainment and have seen him do at least 5 other affairs and the are AWESOME !  but i dont know if they have a photo booth . Good Luck
  • In Response to Re: Just Engaged and Stressing Over Venues!!: [QUOTE]sometimes hotels are very expensive versus other sites... not sure if you are open to it, but another option would be to rent a bus to and from the hotel. We stayed in a hotel in W…
  • Way to go for your fI ,  It's so good he supports you , and YOUR PREGNANT !  That makes me soooo mad !   AH HELLO ,  everyone should be CATERING TO YOU , not making you more upset ! geezzz . I actually have to calm myself down i'm so mad about tha…
  • maybe you can type/print something up on a small card (think business card or smaller) informing your guests of the outside ceremony. it would be similar to what foreverbossy did for guests to bring an ID. Posted by Shari16[/QUOTE] This , i would w…
  • The Villa Barone Hilltop Manor in Mahopac . the website is VillaBaroneHilltop.com . My wedding was there and my pictures are AMAZING because of how beautiful their grounds are.  Good Luck!
  • Thank You !!!   
  • Hi , I was just married in Sept  at The Villa Barone Hilltop Manor in mahopac and was going to suggest you try there.  They have !00% seating capacity for CH , which was a huge thing for me, a wonderful ballroom and tons of photo opps and your grani…
  • I would take a look at Villa Barone Hilltop Manor in Mahopac , I am getting married there in Sept 2012  . both my sister and brother got married there (years apart)  , I can not even begin to explain how spectackular their pictures are , They plac…
  • I'm not married yet ,but i have imput on this one .  IF they ATTENDED  your wedding you send them a thank you card for sharing your day .  IF they MAILED you a card without a gift and WERE NOT at your wedding , you should not send them a thank you c…
  • Sorry  ,  i've never been to any of those ,  Godd Luck !
  • Hi there, Also check out the Villa Barone Hilltop Manor in Mahopac,  You Can't BEAT their views and picture opportunities .  check out the website VillaBaroneHilltop.com Good Luck!
  • Hi !!!!   and Congratulations !!!!  I am a little early in the process , I am booked at the Villa Barone Hilltop Manor for Sept 2012 ,  I have seen and heard Next Generation , they are awesome , I'm sure thats who I will be booking but I'm just not …
  • WOW ,,  Thank you everyone for your responses .  It gave me A LOT to think about .  My mind isn't made up yet but will have to be soon . Thanks again everyone !
  • OMG , i'm so glad i read this thread , I have always hated the bouquet toss and never even got up when they said to , but my aunt made me a handmade throw away and everyone is expecting it .  I didn't even think of not having it or replacing it !!  …
  • I've been to partys where Alex was the DJ from Jimmy Dee and they were great , could be  they were having an "off night" or maybe the people that hired them requested the type of music they were playing .
  • I'm getting married at Villa Barone Hilltop Manor ,  There is a Villa Barone in the Bronx but I'm getting married in the one in Westchester , check out the website .  It's beautiful !  VillaBaroneHilltop.com     Good Luck !!!!
  • I agree with pp , however , does it remind you of your past relationship .  in other words if you have it there will you be thinking of what could have been with your previous fi and things like that. If that is not an issue that you and only you c…
  •   Exactly what pp have said , you need a budget and head count first   Congratulations  !!
  • The only place of those i have been to is The Chalet on Hudson , (3 months ago for wedding)while the view was very nice , the food was NOT ,  i think it's like german /French something like that , but i ate the bread at the table . That was it. I f…
  • I did forget to mention I feel bad for that girl , her stomach must be in knots . It's terrible she just can't talk to him .
  • We are eating at his moms house tonight , whatever it is it will be good , she sure can cook!
    in WFDW? Comment by carolsday July 2010
  • I have been to Sandals for vacation and didnt like it. The food was all cooked in the same type of oil that did not taste good , my fiancee actually lost 7 pounds by the time the trip was over.  They only had Red Stripe Beer (no imports , i did wind…
  • I'm getting married at the Villa Barone Hilltop Manor in Mahopac .  Check out their webiste ,  VillaBaroneHilltop.com     Congratulations !!!  and Good Luck !!!
  • xtina was right , the villa barone hilltop manor in mahopac is having nye bash , dj , open bar the works for $125 pp I am soo pissed i can't go this year  , its an awesome time  , going to the in laws to be house , it will be fun i  love them ,  b…
  • You look AMAZING !!!!  Congratulations !  have fun !!!
  • I only know of Silver Star limo too , however i do know other people that stayed in hotels in ct and they provided shuttle service. So be sure to ask the hotel , if they dont offer the service they may be able to least recommend someone 
  • Congratulation !!!!!!!!!!   Enjoy every minute