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  • Aww...very pretty!
  • Good Morning! I feel like I've been off TK for weeks! The break was good, until I got sick on the 26th... boo! I enjoyed time with family, did lots of baking, and DH and I spent many days being lazy butts around the house. I'm bummed to be back at …
  • Question: is the username what I set as the name that everyone can see? Can this be different than the name I use to create an account?
  • Linds - that looks cold! I'm glad that the blizzard warning was lifted though
  • Yay, you all are making me excited to go to the FM tomorrow Ash- That's kind of funny. Maybe you'll get to know some cool people now
  • pivko, I love the first pair of flats and the dress....amazing!
  • K- I've been there before, and it stinks. Hang in there! Laura- Congrats to your BFF! Linds- Boo, you sound miserable. I hope Willem gets here soon!
  • Thanks Linds! I saw the pics, cute!!! You're so serious in some of them though . Thank you for sharing, they came out really good!
  • I'm currently on BCP due to some medical issues (none like those mentioned above) & must remain on the pill unless I plan on getting pregnant immediately. Since FI and I want to wait at least a year to get used to being newly weds and replenish …
  • Christine- Lol, your H and his friends are funny. Enjoy a laid back anniversary on Sunday Cake- Glad to hear you and the infantry are doing well! Also, I had never heard of Dine Out For Life. I will have to remember that for next year.
  • I would like to do something special, but not sure what we should do. I would love to go on vacation...but we are trying to save for a house and a baby so I don't know if that's going to happen. I guess we'll start talking about it some more next ye…
  • Thanks for the update Linds, glad to hear that you are both doing well.
  • FI just invited a friend & his wife a few days ago (our wedding is in 3 weeks though). We did not include them in our original guest list since we didn't want to go over on our expected guest count...but now that some of our must haves won't be …
  • Ash & Sarah- Thanks for the feedback! I'm looking forward to checking them both out in person and taking them for a test drive
  • Ugh, that's rude! They sound like real peaches! At my last job they were very clicky, and it was so annoying. I'm sure you will find something better soon. Sending good mojo your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cake- Aw... it must be super awesome to watch your little girls grow up. Tell the hubby to hurry up with the uploading
  • Collen- Looks like we were posting at the same time. Woohoo for a pc upgrade, boo for having to save your stuff onto a disk. Can't they just move that stuff over for you? Andrea- Woohoo for a new bag and West Elm.... they have so much cute stuff!
  • I'm irritated with my job and supervisors. Although I work for a university, my department is small.... so the fact that there are a few positions vacant and my boss has been out on leave (and will be gone permanently as of 7/31) is not helping. I f…
  • Snickers- Oh, I'm sure there's all sorts of stuff regarding that topic. Linds- Boo for all of the humidity
  • Happy Thursday! Last night, I made a quick stop at my parents' house to pick up some things before our trip. I then cooked dinner, finished reading 50 shades, and had snuggle time with DH. Work should be easy going since we can't do much with the s…
  • MB & Court- wow that stinks! I recently posted a job for a vacancy within our department, and as the hiring manager had the opportunity to review the applicant pool. It was amazing how many applicants were either right out of college w/out any e…
  • Ash- I have been to a few BJ's, but never to the one in Huntington Beach. The pizookie is mighty yummy! I just got back from lunch. Since they had forgotten about my order, they gave me a free chocolate chip cookies, yum!
    in Friday! Comment by chrissyann02 May 2012
  • In Response to Re: WFD?: [QUOTE]leftover chili mac from last night, yum! Posted by lisab613[/QUOTE] Lisa, do you mind sharing the recipe?
    in WFD? Comment by chrissyann02 March 2012
  • I'll play...
  • Looks cute, keep it up!
  • No problemo ladies
  • Linds- I found this blog regarding green living & it provides a ton of info on cloth diapering: http://theecofriendlyfamily.com.
  • I hope you have a fabulous wedding weekend & HM. Please be sure to share pics upon your return.
  • Hola! Last night we had left overs and watched twilight. Snuggle time and going to bed early aren't always a bad thing:). Hoping the work day goes by quickly, and that the new recipe I'm trying out for dinner comes out yummy. Lisa- Sorry you didn'…
  • Thanks Serena. I want to try this- click me!