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  • My fiance is Catholic also, and what I believe your sister meant was that she could not get married in a Catholic church.  The priest would have no problem (usually) coming to a different location and marrying you, but will not do it in the church.
  • I am getting married in the summer and was also worried about heat down here.  I've been to Vegas during the summer, so yes it is very hot and you are not overthinking it.  What I am doing is having my ceremony later in the day so it has time to coo…
  • That sucks and I really hope that he changes your grade.  It is my understanding that there is not much difference between pluses and minuses (my school does not have this grading system). Like pp said, try not to take as much on at school, or if y…
  • My stepdad is walking me down the aisle, since he's the one that raised me and saw me through the terrible teens
  • So, why are people attacking her?
  • I went through an independent seamstress that has done work for my family for years and did several prom dresses for me when I was still in high school.  She had to take the dress out for me and hemmed it a little and did an amazing job for crazy ch…
  • I recently registered at Target and I didn't get a gift card! hahaha
  • I am planning to change my name to my FI's once we get married, but it is only because my last name is that of a father that skipped out on my family.  If I had the same last name as my dad (stepfather), I would be keeping it.  It's your name and yo…
  • My fiance and I are both 23, and thankfully most people I encounter have been nothing but supportive.  Unlike the previous poster, I can not understand why someone would say something as rude as that.  We have a very intimate and trusting relationsh…
  • I was thinking of doing the same thing!  I'm not the kind of girl that wears heels all the time, so I wanted a chance to break them in a bit and get used to them before I walk down the aisle so i don't end up falling on my face.
  • In Response to Re:Young and Fast Engagement:[QUOTE]The divorce rate goes down significantly every year as the bride approaches and reaches 25. So there's a whole slew of stories for you, enough for statistical significance: getting engaged young is …