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  • Glad that everything went well. Your pictures are beautiful!
  • I agree with pp's try and ignore her even though I know it is hard. My MIL is something else and always tries to bring up things when her and her husband got married or that they didn't have some of the thing MH and I do. He finally spoke up and thi…
  • Imparlett that is so much fun! Glad you had a great time!
  • Thank you ladies! Those are great ideas.
  • Are you having  a religous ceremony? Yes, wouldn't have it any other way. Having your ceremony at a church? Yes Are you having a priest, minister, rabbi or etc? Our Pastor Are you doing a sand ceremony or candle unity? Unity Candle What kind of …
  • They did ask us and since it was under 2 different people they told us they were able to do it. What they weren't able to do is have 2 separate orders delivered to the same place on the same day.  That is why my Aunt will be taking care of picking t…
  • Congratulations! Have an amazing day!
  • Haha Peaches that's too funny! I never heard of it either until I was just on another board and they were telling the one girl to make sure she didn't use anything until after the wedding. My shower was 2 weeks ago and we couldn't wait to get home…
  • FI and will be on our honeymoon to Aruba in June! We are staying at the Riu. He has been to Hawaii and although he said it was gorgeous not having an all inclusive and the long flight was enough to steer us away. I agree if you aren't leaning more t…
  • Its not like we personally went to every guest and said heyyy this is what we are thinking. It was a casual conversation with close friends who actually asked us where we were thinking about registering. It is what it is, I wasn't looking to find ou…
  • Congrats have a wonderful day!
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  • We are staying 8 days in Aruba.
  • Congrats! The pics look great. It looks like you had a beautiful day.
  • Lol. I have already checked my registries twice...like it's really going to change through out the day. Macy's is having a huge sale so I thought things would be flying off the shelf. I need to stop because I'm going to give it away to myself when m…
  • I agree with PP's registry gift for the shower or engagement but cash always at the wedding. That's all I've ever seen done.
  • $180 and that was after a 15% discount for having over 5 girls. They are all getting it altered on their own. I was in a wedding in the fall and our dress total was around $260 with alterations and she made us get a matching shawl. In my opinion tha…
  • I'm all about Goldstar, great savings and fun events
  • I ended up getting mine from Macy's. In the spring they had a lot of Ivory shoes to choose from not sure what the selection is now.
  • Name: Sierra Wedding Date: June 5th Location: The Renault Winery What you like(d) best about planning: Finding my dress and picking out flowers What you like(d) least about planning: Waiting for guests response cards! What you look(ed) most forward…
  • Thanks Ladies! My TA got back to me and because of the sale they were having on Orbitz they adjusted the price for anyone who booked at our hotel, we did end up saving
  • Stein Florist for wedding party and church decorations. Lilies Florist for reception (included with our package)
  • Yay 2 days! Friday is supposed to be beautiful! I hope you have an amazing day. Take a moment with your (soon to be husband to take it all in and have some time by yourself. I can't wait to see pictures!!! Im so excited for you!
  • Ours allowed us to use one of their staff members as our witness. All of our friends work and weren't going to take time off of work and all of our family is in south jersey.  See if they can give you that option.
  • From what I've seen there is a different when it comes to demographics. I live in Northern NJ but reception and all family is in South. North prices are higher. I will be paying $45 for makeup Dora Crownson MAC Makeup Consultant (friend of the famil…
  • I think it depends on what you can afford and what you think your girls will like. We are spending between $75-$100 I'm not big on anything that is given to benefit the bride ex hair and makeup paid for, matching jewelry, anything that says bridesm…
  • Hi Kate! Welcome to the board. Congrats on booking your reception! I also recommend AlimarioPhoto! T has been great to work with and we are so excited with our decision to use him. Engagement photo from him in my signature For our reception we a…
  • Congratulations! Have a wonderful day
  • Thanks! Not exactly sure of all the details but what I know, we are staying at the Wyndham from Fri-Sun. Going to the Borgata on Friday, then everything at the Trop on Saturday, then Ludacris concert at the Pool at Harrah's on Sunday. We are pretty …
  • We are also going to Aruba! We will be there in June. We went to Aruba.com and looked at some of the different activities. We were told by friends who went to not book through any online sites because it is better to bargain and book once you are do…
  • I wish I would have done that! We sent our invites out and then a week later someone made a post about numbering them. I wish I would have known this a head of time. Pink, thanks for asking! We decided on Mastoris. We looked into several places ar…