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  • You should try Affordable Wedding Creations.  Peggy, the baker, makes delicious moist cakes. she's very talented and recreate any picture you show her! And she's affordable!
  • I went to a wedding where there were 8 on each side also and it was distracting for me as a guest at the ceremony. We are only have 2 on each side, though I have about 5 other super close girlfriends that COULD have been bm's, but FI didn't want a l…
  • Here is the event link http://www.pictage.com/787241 Thanks for your kind words! kelklump, small world indeed!
  • I booked rooms at The Courtyard in Covington (reception was at The Madison) but they provided a complimentary shuttle with the reservation of 15 rooms.  It was SO convenient!  the shuttle even actually dropped off people at the after-party bar!(not …
  • UPDATE:  She didn't have my $500 deposit marked down, so the damage is only 2474 still totally insane but a little better. I am supposed to talk to her this evening and am asking her where we can cut costs down. i forgot to mention she's making 4 *s…
  • Congrats! I used Geri too... my post is the one below yours on her blog
  • Oh yeah - I also had Pauline press my veil & dress, which added to the cost.
  • For my friends pocket watches would never be used... but it's personal preference. What about a Tshirt from a local pub/bar everyone likes?  A tie to wear the day-of? GIft cert to a golf course if they're golfers?
  • Stitches by Pauline.  She knows her stuff!  google her and you'll get her info.  I paid about 220 BUT I had her change the neckline, add cups, hem the bottom, and add a bustle. Plus my dress had TONS of beading and she had to fix quite a few of them…
  • I had my reception there this past Dec in the Crystal ballroom. (ceremony held at a church) During the planning process I had 3 different coordinators BUT it was still very easy and each new person had very detailed notes as to my wants & needs.…
  • Not sure if this is traditional or not...but here's what we have:for the cake cutting - Beatles "When I'm 64"our first dance - Springsteen "If I Should Fall Behind"father/daughter dance - Elton John "Something About the Way You Look Tonight"I'm stuc…
  • this year we're buying each other a couch from Arhaus. ah the romance!!!!  our wedding is like 2 weeks prior to xmas though and we decided to opt out of gifts this year since we're getting so many w/ the showers and wedding we feel like we dont need…
  • I am a traditionalist so I used the Mr and Mrs. such-and-such even for my bestest of friends.  If they are unmarried couple I put Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Jane Lastname and put whoever I was closest friends with first. I've never heard of a woman goi…
  • Try priceless DJsthey are pretty cheap
  • I am working w/ Sandy at Covington Courtyard. She is super responsive and easy to work with. She sends weekly emails listing who has booked a room and increases the block by 10 when we get close to running out. Super pleased with their service so fa…
  • molly- my grandparents live in NCH and i'm very familiar! I forgot about that bakery! Thanks for the rec's ladies!
    in cookies Comment by hollsmv November 2009
  • she could check out the madison. it's in covington but a nice place and they do so much for you!
  • Future.Mrs.Shawty:Have you considered sending your siggy photo to The Knot about using it in their mag??? it's so cute!
  • Lesa Cress in the AAA Deerfield/Mason office
  • I didn't offer meal choice, so can't help with that.  But we did not invite children, so worded it like this.... ___ Accepts with pleasure ___ Number of Adults attending ___ Declines with regret
  • i just bought a cute one off target.com about 3 wks ago. it's technically cream...but very cute. and a thicker material.  Merona is the brand I believe
  • Liz, so beautiful!  I think I have the same shoes as you!  were they comfy? I'm slightly nervous about my pups barking by the end of the night 
  • we haven't done it yet, but our plan is to combine.  we'll have a weekly "allowance" of fun money to do with whatever we want and then our paychecks are deposited into the appropriate accts for bills, etc.  just do whatever feels natural. I don't th…
  • I got mine at www.wedding-veil.comcheap and pretty!
    in Veils Comment by hollsmv November 2009
  • k thanks girls. I was thinking it would be too cold but thought maybe I was overanalyzing things.FI shrugs his shoulders when I ask him questions about ridiculious things like "bubble exits" haha!
  • don't spend $ on building or renting risers. totally not worth it. 
  • premarital counseling is not bad at all and good luck finding a church that doesn't make you do any sort of pre-wedding meetings. They are easy & painless (assuming u don't go Catholic) and basically it is just like having a conversation.  We we…
  • I think having a small wedding & large receptioin is perfectly acceptable!  Sorry your mom is making things difficult for you - I swear, weddings bring out the worst in families sometimes!  too much drama, haven't we all experienced it :)As for …
  • you might want to try Affordable Wedding Creations down in Covington, KY. while I chose a traditional cake, she had an enormous photo album of cakes she had created from pictures or imagination.  Many were grooms cakes but she is a true artist (Pegg…