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  • I said split the invitation, BUT i forgot that she was your sands.  As i think about each of my own line sisters and my other VERY CLOSE friends who happen not to be in my Sorority, out of loyalty, I woudl invite ONLY my friend.  It would be nice to…
  • Please le tme know what you come up with.  One of my brides maids is COMPLETELY natural!  i used to jjoke with her that I would force her to straighten her hair for my wedding, obviously I would NEVER do that, especially since the humidity would mak…
  • I know I am late, but I too am a Cali Girl and I LOVED playing in the snow!!  i did ot LOVE that Adriene Fenty did not close the DC Gov so I had to treck to waork that Monday.  Oh how I miss being a teacher!!
  • I am origionally from LA but I live in DC now.  Unlike most Washingtonians I do NOT have a perm or a relaxer or whatever they're calling it these days.  Being from LA, I like for my hair to be STRAIGHT  form teh ROOT, not hald way down the strand an…
  • I'm using your joy by Chrissette Michelle!  It was a hard choice because I ABSOLUTELY love Beyonce and would have loved to use her song, but the Chrissette Michelle song is so much prettier!!
  • Girl, GET READY!!!  I've had people add names, write completely differnt names, write NO name at all,  pass the invitation along to toher people who were not invited, and just not send them in at all!!!! Ive had poeple talk to me abou thow excited …
  • These are all great suggestions!  My Fi seems to think that Cannon D is jsut for bridesmaids......obviously you disagree!!!!
  • Thanks ladies!!! 
  • The rehearsal dinner at the house MAY save you money, depending on how many people you are inviting. I am having the same dilema.  My FI "put his foot down" and said the rehearsal dinner will be at his best man's house.  He said I just wanted a rest…
  • I'm looking for a budget friendly videographer.  You have suggestions?
  • I'm happy for you!!!  I know how important it is to feel accepted in such an important situation.  Just make sure that your happiness is not contingent upon thier accpetance.  I do not know you but i am sure that you are a good person who deserves h…
  • I too am thinking of having somone carry it down the aisle.  And I had lebeled him the broom bearer.  He is actually the ring beareres brother. hhhhmmmmm shoudl he not carry it down the aisle?
  • OMG!!!  This is the subject header for SO MANY of my emails to my BFF!!!!!  I know how you feel!  Working 2 jobs, PhD Student, and doing stuff for him that his MOTHER NEVER MADE HIM DO oN HIS OWN!!!!!  In addition to maintaing some sanity of my own!…
  • 15 more days!!!!  much like you I am not nervous...yet!!  Things are coming together and I am READY!!!!
  • I LOVE #2!!!
  • I wanted signature drinks, but FI says "what if they don't like it?"  I said they woudl like SOMETHING!!  But he insisted on full bar.  So here we are, lol  It's SO funny how they say they want to be hands off, but chime in at the most inopportune t…
  • I've seen this happen on Say yes to the dress and Girl meets gown, BUT I could not imagine buying a dress adn then changing my mind!!  Do you know what you could be doing with that money!?!  Once I found my dress, I moved on to a whole nother task! …
  • I have 1 MOH, 1 matron OH, and 5 bridesmaids = 7 total.  It's alot but not too much!!!  You do you, just make sure they all look nice!
  • What is virtual knottie night?  I'm out of the loop
  • OH NO!!!!  I didn't even think about the fact that I have to decorate that thing!!!!!  LMAO
  • I definitely wnat thier info!!  THANKS!!!
  • Also if center pieces are a part of this quote you can make sure that you have jsut one setting at each table no clusters of vases and things like that.  I know that helped me get my quote down a little...not much but at least some.  And although th…
  • I requested once, I know I dont post often so I'm sure you didnt recognize my name.  I just requested again.....I'm the one with Blanche from Golden Girls as my profile pic.......lol
  • Were using Abundantly by J Moss
  • I think they are absolutely georgeous!!!!!!  I LOVE THEM and so will all your guest who receive them!!!!
  • I take mine off when i go to sleep and I put it back on when I leave the house.  I have only forogtten to wear it once!  I slept with it on the night we got engaged and FI almost demanded that I take it off to shower (I have a bit of a clumsy record…
  • Hey Girly, In regards to the hair, I would suggest Milyway "Indian hair"  BUT only if you are goign to keep it for a short ammount of time.  The hair  will eventually bgin to shed and tangle and all that other hoopla.  So, if you wanna keep it for a…
  • thanks cincy!  I will definitely look into the clear essence brands!
  • Carol's Daughter has a curl milk or somthing like that, that will enhance or bring back your natural curl!  My hair is the same way, but instead of front to back its my ends that are ALWAYS straight.  Unlike you, I always striaghten my hair.  I am v…
  • I also used the _ seats have been reserved in your honor format.  I think it's ncie, but firm!  I would love to not have to do this, but you know how poeple are!  And since you have to PAY for all of these people, it's important to keep your budget …