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  • In Response to Re: A toast?: [QUOTE]In Response to A toast? : Bride's mother doing a strip-tease in the middle of the speech. Posted by megk8oz[/QUOTE] Ha! That may help the guests. He might not notice,he can never get to his point.=) Maybe a g…
    in A toast? Comment by key721 April 2010
  • I have a toddler, and baby number 2...maybe in 2011 or 2012.(We are getting married this year.)
    in Babies? Comment by key721 June 2010
  • I don't have the veil, but I think your wedding date is the most awesome ever. I'm getting married 09/25, but your date really sparkles!=)
  • I would not invite my enemies, or ex-friends. If you want to try and make peace, I think it would be easier to do it outside the wedding. Maybe you can talk to them before you send invites? Just a thought...
  • Thanks for the advice, it seems to be no big deal. It's an outside wedding so I feel less pressure about it. I will keep all the comments in mind when deciding. Thanks=)
    in Ushers??? Comment by key721 April 2010
  • In Response to Re: Stepmom makes me laugh: [QUOTE]Having somebody else do all the work is definitely the best way to go. I had a formal wedding that I planned in 5 months for 100 people and I still can't wrap my head around the women that have a ye…
  • Salt, I am planning a destination wedding too. Thankfully, so many things can be done by e-mail/phone to make it possible. I would use my planner more, but money is kind of tight so I am doing what I can by myself. Also, I think I love abusing mysel…
  • In Response to Re: Stepmom makes me laugh: [QUOTE]I have a grandmother who is like that.  She has always been that way.  When I was a single mom, she said it wasn't fair that I had work.  I should quit and stay home with my daughter.  She didn't ev…
  • I really liked the show, so I didn't have too much of a problem with it. I need to remember not everyone is a fan.  So I guess the Full House theme garter toss is out? Just kidding on the FH.=)
  • In Response to Re: Stepmom makes me laugh: [QUOTE]Where has stepmom been living?  In a bomb shelter or some deserted island?  God, that's funny. Posted by deepcovejackie[/QUOTE] Okay I love my stepmom, but she has been out of the world's loop…
  • gerbera daisy=)
  • The groom is a jerk to him, so this is all a complete fluff piece. Maybe I can get him to tone down the pity party part. Also, I do not like the last line at all. I think I will google wedding toasts and get him to start from "scratch."
    in A toast? Comment by key721 April 2010
  • I think you should trust yourself that you know what is great for your wedding!=) A good florist should help you create great flowers, and as long as you like the cake you are tasting-it's gold! Remember that no wedding is perfect, so just put your …
  • I guess everyone is right. I know everyone is right. I will figure out how to play it at the reception and not the ceremony. Now to research actual ceremony music.   It helps hearing this from others, as you know how hard it can be to take Mom's adv…
  • Hey everyone. I have just been reading posts, but I have to confess that I am trying to quit diet soda. The drink has been very addicting for me, and of course, I will admit to getting headaches and craving sweets. I have drank it since I was a kid …
    in Diet soda Comment by key721 April 2010
  • The 4 totally rocks! It looks really amazing!=)
  • Thanks! I will look for a good dry cleaner. Hopefully it won't be as much/or take as long as the first place I talked with quoted.
  • The Key is for Key West, a place I have traveled. The 721 is my sweetie's birthday.
    in Just curious Comment by key721 May 2010
  • I also take offers on any of my items=)
  • In Response to Re: A toast?: [QUOTE]Ha! I love you Cew. I swear to God I did the same thing. We have to stop sharing weed. OP, I think he just needs to stick with "Congrats, Brother and new Sister-in-law!" in this case. Anything else will be a monu…
    in A toast? Comment by key721 April 2010
  • I don't think I will use it much now. You are all reminding me how crude the show actually was. I am sure if I would have done this many people would have looked at this as WTH. I meant it to be sweet and funny,not tacky and trashy.   Good thing I d…
  • In Response to Re: Glasses on wedding day?: [QUOTE]In Response to Glasses on wedding day? : Sorry, I just had to laugh about this one! If you wear your glasses everyday, I think you should wear them on your wedding day too.  I never understand peo…
  •  I wish I didn't get my dress at DB. My bff urged to me to go gown shopping during a trip to where my wedding was. I read how DB can be a rough and tumble place in Bridal Bargins. The lady was only slightly rude, and I just chose the dress that look…
  • thanks everyone for the good vibes towards mw.=)
  • I'm thinking I will be married before I get bronze unless I get more chatty.=)