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  • Saying that you don't like something is fine. Saying it makes someone an attention w****e IS catty.
  • Wow, now I remember why I don't come here often. People are catty! Personally, I also think they are cute. However, as some people have said, timing is key. Everyone is there to celebrate your love so I don't see why it should be embarrassing or ag…
  • If you invert the anniversary dance it feels more inclusive. Find out the longest married couple and if they are comfortable being announced, and that starts it. Say they are married 53 years. So fifty or more come on the dance floor. Fourty or more…
  • This post wasn't defending poor hosts. I was just mentioning the vibe of these forums. It kinda makes me want to elope because no matter what I do, someone is going to not be happy. I'm mostly joking though, all of life people are going to disagree …
  • I am 5'1'' and my fiance is 6'4''. Even if I wore heels he would tower over me. Do you think it would be okay if I wore flats? I never wear heels and I want to be comfortable.
    in Flats? Comment by knapkinator March 2014
  • I think it is awesome that you want to incorperate your service into the wedding. I am a woman in the Army with a civilian fiance, so I understand. You could sew your dog tags into your dress, or put them into your bouquette. The navy inspired one a…
  • The anniversary dance can be made less awkward for singles if you reverse it. Find out who will have been married or together longest, for example, my grandparents have been married 53 years, so start off with that and then dwindle down until you ge…
  • Personally, I think slideshows are awesome! You are there to celebrate two people, so why is it an inconvenience for guests to look at pictures of them? Its a great way to let family members who may not have facebook see the engagement pictures, and…
  • Ha! That would be perfect! Thank you so much, I have been stressing about this for weeks, and it was that simple!
  • It would be fifteen characters. Most forms with boxes for each letter only go up to twelve, right? Im thinking about SATs and things like that.
  • As a future bride who is in the military, I think it is awesome that you want to incorporate that into your wedding. It pisses me off when everyone assumes that "military brides" are the one waiting at home, when I am a "military bride" and my futur…
  • Here I have quite a dilemma. My fiance has his name tattooed onto him, so he wont be changimg his, and I, being in the military, have gone by my last name for years. I identify myself with my last name as much as I do with my first. I want our kids …
  • Wow, thanks for the smore bar idea! My family would absolutely love that! Id never even heard of that before.
  • Yeah Ive thought about it, but being enlisted I cant do the beautiful sword arch like an officer, and I just cant seem to think of anything else that I could incorporate into it. Any product out there for that like wedding toppers or whatever are al…
  • Oh I like that idea!
  • Any decoration advice is appreciated but centerpieces have been the biggest snag. Your suggestion sounds lovely though, aswell as mvance3's comment about the lights with tulle. Thank you both! Im so excited!