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  • Of course I had to look too!! I ended up going into May as well.  Loved the pics, and it was great reading all their stories too. Most were good, but a few of the bad experiences scared me!  I hope I dont run into any major problems.
  • I am walking to a slow piano verion of Journey's Open Arms
  • My something borrowed is a pearl necklace from my FMIL. Something old is a hair clip from her as well, but also I am cutting some fabric (that is a perfect match to my wedding colors)  from an old silk shirt that belonged to my FI's father who passe…
  • My FI and I own our business, so no co workers to invite, except my son who helps me a little bit.  That being said, I am inviting a couple old co workers from our old business in Florida because they worked for us for so long, they are like family.
  • made homemade pizza tonight. 4 different kinds actually, because everyone likes something different.  One kid likes chicken and onions, one likes bbq chicken with bacon, onions and pineapple, FI likes only cheese, and for myself a veggie pizza on a …
  • someone mentioned Alfred Angelo for plus size BM dresses.  They have a store in Whitehall I plan to visit with my BM.
  • I have lost over 50 lbs since last October. The last 7 lbs were a surprise to me when I stepped on the scale yesterday.  We bought a bakery about a month ago and I have been on my feet running my tail off 12 hrs a day.  So yay for weight loss....bad…
  • I ordered some ribbon from them.  It was2 inch wide wire edge ribbon. Supposed to be eggplant color.  It is really more of like a raspberry color.  I was very disappointed.  But as far as the service and shipping time, it was ok.  I havent even atte…
  • It sounds like you are pretty set with wedding details and handle stress well, so I say go for it! And honestly I would be the last one to say you are crazy to consider it because we are actually getting ready to purchase a business.  Closing is th…
  • I'm not doing it right now, but there was several years that I worked two jobs and also did some sewing work from home on top of that. I averaged 75-80 hrs a week working plus was a single mom. It wad incredibly hard, but needed to be done to survi…
  • We bought mine a couple months ago. My FI couldn't decide if he wanted to use his fathers or get a new one. He just decided today he wants a new one as he has been wearing his dads on his right hand, so we will be shopping for his soon.
    in QOTD 6/1 Comment by ladydaisy June 2012
  • We are a bit older..... I am 43 and my FI is 55.  I have 4 kids, with the youngest being 17 and my FI has a 22 yr old son.   I also have one grandson and another on the way. Right now FI's son and my youngest live with us.  We wont be having any k…
    in QOTD 6/13 Comment by ladydaisy June 2012
  • Your dress is very pretty, and you look Beautiful!  I think we must all second guess ourselves a little bit on the dress we pick.  I bought my dress a month ago but kept it at the bridal shop since I will need some alterations.  I started having s…
  • I weighed myself today and I have lost 5 lbs in the last 2 1/2  weeks.   I still have a little ways to go till I am at my goal weight, but happy to see some progress!
  • Having been married before, and also having a grown son that is married, I would definitely suggest rotating the holidays to accommodate each family's traditions and wishes (including your own)   I know everyone has different ideas on what they like…
  • When shopping at Michaels I ran across the little silver bell placecard holders that have a little note about ringing the bell to see the bride and groom kiss.  I thought they would be cute for the reception but my FI said NO WAY!!  He said he was n…
  • I just noticed a tiny stone missing from my E ring too! So glad FI got a lifetime warranty, but hate to take it in and be without it while its getting fixed
  • Trying to eat more fruit than anything else today. But my son is visiting from out of town and requested philly cheesesteaks for dinner, so that will definitely be outside the diet plan! LOL. On the other hand, FI is a tennis player and took me t…
  • I was raised very Catholic, but after attending a non-Catholic service with a friend in my 20's,  I realized how much more I prefer the non-Catholic churches.  FI was raised Lutheran and feels the same way.  We attend a service every week and are ac…
    in QOTD 7/2 Comment by ladydaisy July 2012
  • I'm right here with you gals! Saturday is my day as well.  Only working today and tomorrow. At work now, but cant even concentrate. Wednesday is cleaning house and last minute errands, family starts arriving thursday, friday rehearsal and then the b…
    in wow! Comment by ladydaisy October 2012
  • We went and looked but didnt decide on anything yet.  I had no idea there were so many different options with Tuxedos.  2 buttons, 3 buttons, so many different styles....what is everyone getting? 
    in tuxedos? Comment by ladydaisy May 2012
  • We have enjoyed ours too! Have been to 2 sessions and have 3 more to go.  It is just us and our Pastor.  We were each given books and we read a section, answer questions and then discuss our answers with the pastor.  So far we have answered almost e…
  • I just had mine sent away for cleaning and sizing last month.  I lost weight and thought it was going to fall off my finger.  I felt naked too!
  • Wow!  I am so proud to be among such a great group of ladies!! 
    in QOTD 5/17 Comment by ladydaisy May 2012
  • Time sure is flying by!!!!   We have been engaged 6 months.  I am super excited but so nervous about getting everything done in time. 
    in 10.20.12 Comment by ladydaisy June 2012
  • I would recommend a trip to the vet.  But, if the cat had some fleas before that are now gone, he could easily still have some irritation from the previous flea bites.  It takes a while for that to go away even once the fleas are gone especially if…