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  • That's a really sweet gift!!! As for ideas - I don't really have any. Is there anything for the house that she needs/wants or something that might need an upgrade? I always get my parents something they need around the house...this year we got them…
  • Thanks ladies. I just needed to get that out. I realize now that I need to just let it go. I'm not worried about the programs - the cousin will just look like a jerk for not showing up! As for FSIL, she still annoys me and probably always will but I…
  • Got mine this weekend! Love me some red shoes!
  • They look great!! Your on fire with your DIY stuff!
  • 1. What is your favorite Christmas song(s)? White Christmas. 2. What are your kids/future kids names? Girl: Callie    Boy: Casey 3. What color are your bridesmaid dresses going to be? black 4. What is your favorite breakfast food(s)? I love break…
  • I actually don't have any advice. I am in a similar situation and am curious to see what other have to say.
  • Well I think that particular florist is usually on the high side anyway...my mom knows her and likes her work. But we're going to look into the floral departments at Kroger to see what their prices will be. I've heard they do pretty good work. It's …
  • Thank goodness we're halfway there! I feel like it's been a long week already! 3 day weekend here I come!!! I'll take my gulps as soon as I finish my coffee and fill up my water bottle!
  • Good luck!! Have an amazing wedding day!
    in 1 Day! Comment by lburkey21 July 2010
  • There are definitely back exercises if you are trying to lose fat. But if that's not the case, you may simply have a broad back which unfortunately can't be changed since it is in fact determined by your rib cage and such. I wouldn't worry too much.…
  • love the port-o-potty pic as well!! Very pretty pictures! Congrats!!
  • Love that wedding cake stamp!!!! We'll probably just use the forever stamps for our RSVP unless the price isn't changing then we'll get something a little cuter - we used "celebrate" stamps for our STDs.
  • CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's an adorable house and I can't wait to see more pictures. Kim, you're a HOME OWNER!!!! yay!!!!!!
  • We don't always kiss each other before going to bed. But we normally at least say I love you before bed. Sometimes neither, sometimes both. Just depends I guess! We've gone to bed mad at each other before. Its only happened a few times and I hate i…
  • Hey Sarah!!!!! So nice of you to drop by! I can't believe I'm getting married in 12 days...seems so surreal! How's everything with you?
  • I'm going to give airbruch tanning a shot. I'd like to get back into the beds...but I need to talk to my dermatologist first. Since I had the makings of melanoma removed back in the fall, I haven't gone in a tanning bed again...even though I really …
    in DQ: Comment by lburkey21 March 2010
  • Super cute!!! FI has suggested a few times that we wear our bands around the house for the day "to practice".
  • Threadjacking as well!!! I just wanted to add that the first time I got waxed it grew back faster than I was hoping. But the more you do it the slower it grows back. @Mrs. Kohlic - definitely take some Ibprofen about 30 minutes before you go. And…
  • You look gorgeous!!! it fits you perfectly!
  • Our living room furniture. We bought it at the same time we signed our first lease together...$1800 worth of furniture together certainly said committment to me!
  • Congrats!!! Such a fun check!
  • I did the Shred yesterday - it hasn't been On Demand in a while but I found it yesterday. I'm sore today...but I think it's a combination of doing the Shred and another workout on Monday. Gotta keep up the exercise - the winter makes me just want to…
  • Everytime I think of our wedding day, seeing FI for the first time as I'm walking down the aisle makes me smile. Everytime I think of our wedding day, having all my sorority sisters together again for first time in 2 years makes me smile.
  • Congrats!!
  • What if you just said something like "Please indicate if you would like a Kids Meal or a Kids portion" or something like that. We didn't do kids meals - actually just found out last week that we could! But we only have a few kids invited so we figu…
  • I just teared up reading this!
  • My mom got hers at Nordstrom. Like Mandybear's mom, mine isn't into the bridal shop scene. I also recommend continuing to look at the department store route...or even just regular stores like Ann Taylor, Loft, etc.
  • We're using gerber daisies for everything except the altar arrangements which will just a be a summer mix of flowers. I don't know what our florist is using for those.
    in Flowers Comment by lburkey21 May 2010
  • From our website Chris and Lauren were moving up to Massachusetts. Before they left Atlanta, they wanted to have one last hoorah with all their friends. Everyone met out at their favorite pub, Meehans, to celebrate the move and the friendships. As …