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  • I am so angry/stressed right now! Our wedding is in 2 days and Men's Wearhouse called to say that one of the groomsmen hasn't gotten measured for his tux yet. This groomsman said he would go last week. I guess he never went. DF is trying to reach hi…
  • Thank you everyone, I feel so much better. Talked to DF and he's good with hosting a pizza dinner at our apartment. I've learned the hard way that financial troubles come at the worst times. We'll make it work though so that we aren't being rude/ste…
  • True, I think I will do that. We'll be okay if we order pizza and soda. FGMIL won't be happy about that, but she's not attending it or paying, so I guess I shouldn't care. Haha.
  • Thank you everyone. Sorry about all this, I'm a mess. I agree that there are good ideas here. Are you sure it is okay to cancel the rehearsal dinner?
  • I know I did wrong, but I am just so stressed and freaking out. We've had a really bad year and everything started to happen when we were already locked into deposits.
  • Our cushion was $1000 that went into the transmission, same with the $2000 for honeymoon. Also, FMIL and FFIL promised to take care of the rehearsal dinner bill but they just told me they can't. So another $800 goes to that.
  • Bar has been reduced to beer and wine already. There are no floral arrangements, we are using the house arrangements which were only $10 a piece. There is no limo. We've already cut everything. I know we invited too many people, but it was too h…
  • Cost is $106 per person. I guess I'll go call the venue then. Our reception supposed to be a luncheon (about 1 hr long) in a small event facility, and that is actually a low price for my area. We already aren't going on our honeymoon. Our credit…
  • We can't stretch anything more. DF's transmission recently broke and it cost us $3000. Work has been cutting our hours. I can't afford this. I don't know what to do. I realize I violated etiquette by not inviting him but I do not know what to do.
  • 9/14/13 too and I couldn't agree more! I am stressed to the maximum. Tomorrow I have to give the final head count to our reception venue and I am learning now that people are intending to bring dates when they weren't invited! We're still not sure i…
  • I'm also a 9/14/13 bride and stressed as well! I haven't started/submitted the music playlist for the reception, planned the rehearsal dinner menu, or planned the ceremony. The groomsmen haven't gotten measured for their tuxes yet and they only have…
  • I agree, I feel there is so much left to do. We still haven't planned the menu or the rehearsal dinner. Our priest is out on medical leave so we can't plan the ceremony until she is back. We haven't received all the RSVPs yet either and one of our g…
  • Oh yes you should meet your photographer. Since we are paying a lot of money for our photography, I want to make sure it will be everything that I've wanted. I would communicate as much as possible about everything, as well.
  • Thanks everyone! These are great ideas. We may look into OBX, as we love it there, or New England, since neither of us have been north of PA.
  • I also want to add that we aren't really picky on settings (beach, mountains), we just want to be able to get away somewhere nice for a few days.
  • My most annoying detail is getting my FI to do some things he needs to do. He's helped with a lot of things with the planning that involve both of us, but he keeps putting off things that involve only him! For example, he still hasn't asked one of h…
  • Thank you everyone. We are paying for the wedding ourselves. Thanks so much for all the answers! I feel a lot better.