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  • Thank you @photokitty! That's a wonderful idea. I've always personally thought showers were too rigid and dreaded the thought of having to plan one, but a bridal luncheon or tea sounds right up my alley. Plus that way, there isn't the traditional "o…
  • Additionally, I've already solved the issue and my mother realized she was being irrational about the dates and has apologized. I'll probably take a few of the appropriate responses from here that actually addressed my issue, and use them in the fut…
  • Thanks for everyone's replies. I'm not quite sure how this turned into a "if they pay - they have a say" conversation since I've clearly stated I'm fully aware of this and have accepted that. But my mom was being very upset about not having a specif…
  • Those are good ideas. I questioned the point of having a shower just because of the physical gift aspect and the difficulty of getting it over. It'll be more about convincing my family members that a shower isn't necessary! 
  • Thank you for your input, but your advice is a bit contradicting. You say that my mom should have the final say since she's paying, but then she's being unreasonable for being upset she can't schedule the wedding during Ramadan.  This is exactly t…
  • Wow - thanks everyone for all the comments! I've been very busy lately and haven't been keeping track of this thread like I should have.  It's interesting to hear everyone's story - some knowing nothing at all or some knowing pretty much all of it…
  • Thanks for sharing! My main form of communication is text, but I know some people aren't the same, so I didn't know if for something like this friends or other family members wouldn't like it. I plan on FaceTiming with both our parents afterwards, b…