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  • Yes that helps a lot! Thanks. In Response to Re: How does "we BOTH give you away" work?: [QUOTE]From what I know, when you and your father reach end of the aisle before you join your groom, the officiant will ask "Who gives this woman to be marrie…
  • Love that idea!! Thanks! In Response to Re: Save the Date mock-up --- opinions?: [QUOTE]Very cute -- you might want to consider making "save the date" and "are getting married" white, and your names in blue so that they stand out.  Posted by Peav…
  • I found 2 places I really liked for approx $1500: General Aviation Terminal at RDU (yes, I know it sounds weird---but it's super pretty, and my fiancee loved the romantic idea of "taking off"/"flying away" on a new life together). It's like $300 fo…
  • The barns I've looked at were $2000-3000. (Barn at Valhalla, Snipes Dairy). I've heard Celebrity Dairy is reasonable but I never checked it out.
  • Maybe rent the Borden Building at Fletcher Park? Very budget friendly, just a few hundred if I recall correctly. It's really pretty for outdoor weddings. The inside of the house is great for small receptions. The # is 831-6430.
  • Snipes Farm Barn at Valhalla Celebrity Dairy
  • We are doing a maypole dance with our parents/sibs to symbolize the coming together of 2 families -- maybe something like that? Maypoles aren't that hard or expensive to make, and they're super fun! (Of course...it would probably have to be an outdo…
  • Right around 100 -- we keep saying 125, but we can only think of 100 we really want there and that's assuming they ALL come!
  • Snipes Farm? $2000 for the weekend Burning Man Theater? $1500 for 24 hrs
  • Maybe get a Paragard IUD? I have one and it ROCKS!!! There's no hormones, so your skin would be back to its normal self.